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Une Vision Claire

Bonjour Mon Cher,

La stratĂ©gie de dĂ©veloppement et de mise en Ĺ“uvre renforce une entreprise d’une autre manière importante.

Il veille à ce que les ressources soient consacrées aux clients les plus importants afin de les fidéliser et de les inciter à acheter encore plus de produits ou services de la société.

La stratégie aide à mettre en évidence les possibilités d’accroître les profits grâce au développement d’extensions de produits (nouveaux produits basés sur des offres existantes), de modifications de la gamme de produits (gamme de produits disponibles afin qu’ils se complètent), d’ajustements de prix ou de réduction des coûts.

Le processus de développement de la stratégie informe également la réflexion sur les produits et les marchés à abandonner.

sans analyse, vous vous retrouverez dans une situation confuse, ne sous-estimez jamais la décision des autres, comme cela peut être fait.

Un conseil silencieux

Amour sks

Reality Of Life

“Our Modern World Reality”

When a man is young And rich,

There is a lot of fun,

Every female will come to say

honey “i love you” without you

“there is no life”

When same man get old,

those beautiful ladies will go ,

dance with young handsome man.

The old man with richness sleep alone in dark Night, he started to remember those days, when his parents were truly loving each other and create a beautiful family and stay.

Today, he sit alone and cry as modern world there is no true love, all is a lie due money is an objective plays a big rule.

A wife can be beautiful but no guarantee tomorrow, she will not in the hand of another young man.

Children will say, father you are sick, please stay at bay.

Money makes everything possible, what is your today that belong to someone else tomorrow. (Even wife/wives and children)

Wife which you given so much assurance today, tomorrow when you get old, she will fly away with other males.

This is the truth of modern world.

Enjoy reading practical life,

Of someone whom i know.

Have a wonderful day!

Thank you so much for reading my blog

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Pre-Israelite Altars in Palestine – Bible Old Testament

Today, referring our ancient testament occurrences of the word “Altar”, the Hebrew in Mizbeah, which means ” place of sacrifice”, is simply its Aramaic cognate madbah,

The Patriarchs built their own altars and offered their own sacrifices on them without having any recourse to a priesthood. Noah built one after the flood and made burnt offerings on it . Abraham built altars to Yahweh at Shechem, between Bethel and Ai, at Hebron and at Moriah, where he offered a Ram instead of Isaac . Isaac did likewise at Beersheba, Jacob erected altars at Shechem and Bethel, Moses erected one at Rephidim after the victory of the Israelites over Amalek.

The altars were evidently erected mainly to commemorate some event in which the principle had direct dealing with God in Heaven.

There are Pre- Israelite altars in Palestine

In the early days of Palestine exploration it was customary to see altars in many things which today are understood as domestic, agricultural or industrial installations. The true altars have however been uncovered at several sites from different periods. At Ai, Mme, J. Marquet Krause discovered a small temple of the early bronze age in which was an altar of plastered stones, against the wall, on which animal and food offerings had been made.

In middle Bronze age Megiddo two temples were found containing rectangular altar, one of mud bricks and the other of lime plastered stones. Temples of the late Bronze Age containing altars of similar type have been found at lachish, Beth- Shan, and Hazor .

A number of hewn limestone altars with four horns at upper corners , dating from about the period of the conquest, were found at Megiddo . Below is the image of incense altar

This incense altar of basalt with emblem of Sun Lord carved in relief, from Canaanite Hazor of the 14th-13th centuries BC. height c. 4 feet 7 inches . The below is A Canaanite incense Altar of limestone from Megiddo of the 10th-9th centuries BC. Height c. 21 inches.

Sun lord who is the ultimate rule of numbers:- 1, 19, 28 .

This altar resemble Hinduism , where true Brahmins does their prayers three times per day to lord in heaven, before touching the food.

Many people in India, grows Basil known as Tulsi in him, offer prayers to lord Vishnu to bring success and prosperity to home, keep evil at bay.

This altar was made in earth , as God instructed Moses to tell the people to make a altar of earth or (unhewn) stones .

Mythological things blended with scientific knowledge in ancient days are observed extremely and we are still searching the roots and reasons in this era.

Thank you so much for reading my blog.

Have a wonderful new week !

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Sustainability of International Market

Good afternoon Sir / Madame,

Our present international market sustainability is declining rapidly, due no socialism, high level of protectionism,poor management skills with individual person, under estimations of new invocations and have no tolerance towards acceptance of new ideas of others, which directly impacting our global economy.

For instance , referring back to our old books, in year 1960s to promote the highest levels of sustainable economic growth, countries had drive the global economy towards the twin goals of increase employment and higher standards of living.

The influential thoughts , tank that brings together all the people. Even though there is a massive increase of populations globally but our living standards unable to change reason is our vision towards economic growth is partially paralysis.

For me : Our analysis of future growth, new rules and regulations increasing the pressure in the international market where one customer have to think twice before purchasing anything?


Old ideas no longer impressive for clients these days, they look for new concepts to sell their products.

For example: 1970s to 1990s when technology was not playing vital role , what was written in news papers and products show on magazines were highly appreciated by everyone those days, but these days as under our observation, products which are shown in magazines or wear by the models are no longer in high demand, due to people choices , technology plays are very important role in our daily life.

People have many choices on internet, customers wish to see the products worn by the owners, designers and sellers , themselves rather then models these days.

It is direct sales of products.

Devastation with new innovation and creation give a better vision , acceptance of the products in the international market with motivation those who creates new ideas.

Value your own ideas small or big.

Grow with your ideas and passion👍🏻

A bridge of success !

Thank you so much

Best regards


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Happy Mid Autumn Festival

Good evening,

May this mid-autumn festival bring happiness, success, joy and good fortune to all on this moon festival day.

God bless everyone!

Light protect us every moment!

This was our childhood always waiting for mid autumn festival to invite good luck to us, each light bring good omen, eating moon cake , saying thank you to moon goddess for being with us always and protecting us.

Thank you so much ,

Have a lovely evening.