Beauty of soul

Yellow Flowers 

Old is Gold , folding my hand to lord seeking for relations with loved ones always unite and attached with soul.

When i was toddler everyone use to hold, as i am became old still treasure me in your life 😁 bless those who respect me in their life like a gold.

Photographer: Ms. K. S Sandhu

Floral Bath Salt- Relaxing

Rose Salt Bath Relaxing  

Sea Salt Bath.jpg

Busy life working in office week days, body full of stress unable to relax . Weekend is a great moment for rejuvenate your body and uplift your spirits. A relaxing blend to calm your neves and soothe sore muscles. A great way to detox and raise your magnesium levels, which means better sleep at night , calm restless leg syndrome and prevent migraine headache.

I have made my home Magnesium Rose Bath Salts using it every weekend Saturday & Sunday, shown in the picture above , the recipes below :

1 Cup of Epson Salt/ Crystal Salt.

50 grams Dry Rose Buds /Fresh Roses

1 Tablespoon of Coconut Oil

1 Tablespoon of Baking Soda .

Blend the dry ingredients all together in a bowl , then add coconut oil  and essential oil while stirring .  Add the mixture to the jar and label them with their ingredients with expiry date.  You can use 5 tablespoon to each bath to enjoy a deep state of calmness .

Air pollution causes our skin cells damage ,  floral rose bath helps to moisturise skin and stimulate your body circulation. 

Stay happy and healthy always.

Love yourself this weekend.

Written by : K.S. Sandhu



Purple Flowers Beauty 🇭🇰

The Beauty of Purple Flowers

You are part of me, even we are far,

I holding you tight that is my wish tonight,

Yesterday is gone, while today’s petal unflur,

You bring Gratification to my heart,

I am fortunate , as we are never apart.

We are together forever and ever,

“As our creator is Lord”

These flowers are near my home , i see them every morning ,sharing with you all.

🍀Beauty of nature and Gift of Lord🍀

Written by K.S Sandhu

Air Pollution – Solution Health Tonic 

Three ingredients can change your health condition from worst to best for respiratory problem and asthmatic attacks patients.

Our world presently facing a lot of issue ,one of it is air pollution , how toxin is the air we breath in every day , unknowingly many different types of particles we inhale but unable to exhale it out from out body. 

As the day’s passby these particles will create many diseases first nasal and breathing problem then our immune system will become weak, headache and symptoms similar to sinus will occurs.  

We cannot escape from the issues in life, as many death are caused by these air pollution worldwide everyday.

Start your day with with a healthy tonic

8 Peel Almonds 

1 Lemon fully squeeze

1 teaspoon Honey with luke warm water 

Add altogether for healthy lungs with a remedial measure from air pollution problems. 

Almonds nuts boost memory too. 

Countries which are suffering from air pollution issues, my request to people please try this recipes it works perfectly . 

Remember please don’t drink cold drinks, when the air pollution index is high it is harmful to health.

I am victim of air pollution , when it goes to peak i am unable to breath but i keep drinking this twice a day it helps to smoothen the throat.

Kindly share this with all colleagues, friends and family members . 

“You are important ”

“Thank You sharing this recipes “.

“Be healthy stay happy”

Written by K. S Sandhu

Healthy Veggie & Fruits Juice – Anti Cancer

Prevent Cancer, Reduce Cholesterol, Improve Stomach Upset & Headache

Today I will be sharing with you healthy vegetable and fruit juice recipes .

The health benefits of green apples are helps to enhance the Immune System, Reduce the risk of diabetes, Reduce weight , Enhance respiratory function,brightens teeth & prevents tooth decay, prevent brain degenerative disease, relieve diarrhoea, and most of all it is aid in reducing the Risk of Cancer.

The most delight vegetable cucumber keeping us cool and calm in summer . Cucumber have high fibre properties, fight against constipation, good for dental health, maintaining high blood pressure, strengthen the bones of our body, flushes out waste from our body, rejuvenates skin by keep the balance of dehydration and finally best common it is anti-cancer and heals the urinary bladder and kidney.

Celery is always everyone favourite veggie , you can add in salad or make juice of it . here I will be sharing with you the benefits of celery, it helps lower high cholesterol, Lower Inflammation, helps prevent risk of heart attack, helps heals the ulcers, protection for our liver, boosts our digestive system by removing bloating in stomach, helps prevent urinary tract infections and it is Anti Cancer .

Parsley help reduce blood pressure and remove water retention from kidney. 
If you are having “low blood pressure” please add little black pepper and salt according to your taste .

1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar  in the juices for fast healing of any sickness.

You have this juice between 11am – 4pm , reason I don’t recommend anyone to have juices in the night hours as it will cause sleepless night and restless morning.

Wish you all have good health and keep smiling .

You can share this recipes with your friends.

Written by K.S. Sandhu

Risk of Fluoride in products

Fluoride  Is An Inorganic Chemical. The systematic name fluoride, the vaild IUPAC name is determined according to the additive nomenclature which does not take the nature of bonding involved into account.

Fluoride is also used non-systematically to describe compounds which release hydrogen fluoride upon acidification or a compound that otherwise incorporates fluorine in some form, such as methyl fluoride and fluorosilicic acid. Hydrogen fluoride is itself an example of non- systematic name this nature. However it is a trival name and preferred IUPAC name fluorine.

In some of toothpaste fluoride is found so please check before purchasing it.

The side effects of fluoride  may be adverse at times pls go through the following carefully.

Cancer, Brain damage in Unborn Fetus, Bone Weakness, Dental Fluorosis, Low Estrogen & Testosterone levels , Damage Stomach, Joint Problems, Skeletal Fluorosis, Osteoarthritis & Accelerate Osteoporosis, Lower I. Q., Memory Loss, Lack of Motivation, Apathy & Passivity, Inhibits Melatonin Production, Impairs Immune System, Attacks your Pinel Gland, Kidney Stones & Kidney Failure, Interferes with white blood cells production, Kills brain cells, Make you dumb, lower sex drive, Infertility, Sedative, Accelerates the Aging Process, Attacks Thyriod, Attacks Hypothalamus, Shorten Lifespan, Promotes Mental Disturbances, Receding Gums, Affects Heart Circulation,Makes you Docile and Obeisant, Austim and DNA damages.

Pls go through this link

This new invention may be of more informative also for your further reading.

⛔️Please stop and be caution while purchasing  food products as fluoride is found in it. 

Written by S. K. Sandhu