Happy Easter

Good afternoon friends,

Holidays ahead, wishing everyone of you happy easter, lord bless you.

My handmade easter eggs , simplicity with love is my lord in heaven, with the bliss of lord is the day of glory , no need to find difference in day and night .

With love to all

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Ms. SK

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Mission Statements

Good morning dear friends:-

Life is a mirror image rule , misrepresentation can cause huge damages.

Mitigation is to find correct direction and recorrect your vision as loop holes need to patch up by one self not by others.

Right Action with Right Words Matter the Most

A reasonable person acts sensibly, Selling the voice of truth, seen everything with visible eyes.

“Good or Bad You Decide”.

Photograph taken by my phone : SK

Thank you very much sharing your time with me.

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Businesses And Crimes

Good morning dear,

Businesses can commit a crime, a firm financial firm may commingle its money with that of its clients. “This is a crime”.

Big Corporate mislead clients and employee about financial health while exaggerated profit and lost reports. “This is a crime”.

Example:- A restaurant could server frozen and tainted food to customers. “That is a crime”.

Business can commit misdemeanours or felonies. They can pay fines and lose licenses and privileges. If a business commits a felony, for which the consequence could be a prison sentence, the responsible representatives of the business are charged and subject to this penalty. The person charged most directly responsible for the felonious activity usually an officer or director of the company, if the crime relates to a business decision.

There is numerous question appears :-

Can a “third party “interfere into two companies business affairs , even that company can be small , equality in business is hold by them in the society .

Moreover clear business decision are made by two companies , why third party can and could stop the business for both parties when none is having crime records in international market.

Financially double jeopardy , it is an official speedy “Criminal offence”.

A businesses which could be victimised by other people and companies, subject for their own gain and profits are those are holding standards set by society and public, are criminal act according to the international law. “This is a Crime”

Think before you act ” Law is made for businesses.

I, hope “perfection with professionalism” to be found in all countries.

The Law in Action”, being the defendant does not mean you are the best and right decision maker person.

Company and Country Privacy should not be breach and preach by others. “This is a Crime”.,

Thank you so much for sharing your time.

Ms. K. S.

Executive Director

Hemato Pte Ltd- Singapore

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Lord Is Everything For Me

Good Evening Dear,

Sometimes in life it happens, situation comes when you just standing alone in the dark, having no hopes , it happened to me in life, i got courage from “lord himself” with abundance of love , made me understand what life is exactly , finally i lost myself within him forever.

Some people says real people get real hurt .

When i listen this video , it hurts very deeply, no words but pain inside my heart and crying.

Do spend little time listening to this video of lord, very heart touching and it make you feel the importance of lord in our life.

What value the most in my life is “Lord” .

Never give up if you standing alone in dark.

Thank you so much for sharing your time .

My love of life is lord.

God bless everyone!

Sk Sandhu 2019🇭🇰