Self Esteem

Good Morning,

The strongest factor for success is self-esteem,

Believing you can do it,

Believing you deserve it,

Believing you will get it.

Everything is possible in life.

Have a nice day to all.

Thank you so much .

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Bliss Of Lord

O’ lord your glory , shine through the darkness cut all the negativity just by your glance.

Prayer to Virgin Mary love us like our lord Jesus Christ who learnt from you peace and love to be bestowed to us all who are being his child.

Mother Mary bless us every day.

Thank you very much

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Game Closure Strategy

#1 Worth opponent

The business game closure with a clear conclusion. Summing up a game in a productive way is crucial.

Thanking everyone is not productive (though it is polite). Participants have spent intensive day thinking , role playing, confronting real issues, and lifting heavy whale like issues, it is not easy task at all.

One must have stronger recommendations, arrange them in coherent and consistent themes have follow up on each and every task to bring into action plans and moving forward on budget planning complying it within the due date.

For me capture the analytical way of the game, safe guard everyone ‘s interest.

Thanking you

Best regards

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Diabetes Patients in Hospital

Sometimes in life, we will come across most painful moment. Diseases, which we are unable to diagnose, we have visit doctor and stay in the hospital is the choice left out for elders in home.

Diabetes patients, are very weak and sensitive, they have to be taken care very carefully and calmly, nothing shall be in rush with them.

Cleanness is a must , to avoid virus and bacteria entry into their body. Dust free home is must.

Never show your anger to them as they are mentally disturbed. Thinking life is depending on others, hand are shaking, unable to pick up food and eat . Their mind feel we are half paralyse already.

Today i , will be share a short story with you, my late father was a diabetes patient , going for regular check up every 15 days, he was on dialysis , First few years nothing much happened . One day all of sudden a wound appeared, it get swollen up and bleeding.

We knew sometime when wrong immediately rush approach the hospital for body check up, senior doctor recommended to do full body scanning , he need to stay in hospital.

When my late father was in hospital , i understand learned many things, how people behaviour impact especially to a elderly patient. In one room/ward there are two patients are allowed , next to my father’s bed there was one elderly Chinese man unknown to us.

Fews days, this Chinese elderly man noted us , we visiting our father bring food , feed him with our hand, clean his face and hands.

One day , i asked elderly Chinese man where are your family members, his eye full of tears , they are very busy in their work and life . Cannot come to visit me every day. I, observed him carefully , he was having no strength to pick up a spoon to eat his food, no ability to peel one orange and eat.

We sisters look at each other , finally we walked towards him , I open his plate started to feed him with my hand , make him to drink water, after ten mins peeled one orange given him to eat. We both sisters take care of him.

That day he called us daughters , “thank you” for feeding me my hand were shaking no help me. We told him, not to worry we do understand all , he got happy and slept peacefully that day.

It became regularly routine of us , when bring food our father breakfast, lunch and dinner. Same time we take care of him, feed him talk to him, he knew his life was short going to die soon but still by our little effort to bring happiness to his life made his last moment of life very beautiful as he told us “no regrets” as in his life someone took take care of him, he will die peacefully. All we need is truly from heart accept others not by words. As the seed of love come with true from heart, be true to yourself and others.

We became friends with him, spend some time with him, buy fruits and feed him everyday. It is all about our attitude, understanding love and care for others, incase keeping ego, hate and pride in front of us never we can get good and peaceful surrounding.

Finally, he became healthy and happier , we were happy for him.

Life need to be true, good manner and discipline requires, not everything we can purchase with money.

Respect your elders in home, love and care them. We are busy but find little time to talk Elders in home , they are important in life.

Thanking you

Best regards

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Sunday Prayer Bliss

O’ heavenly lord, thy soul is a ring,

Awaiting for your golden bliss surrounded with colourful rays to fall upon the soul of mine.

O’ heavenly lord , thy very small human, asking nothing from you but pounding for your love from the day one born.

Thy have nothing but you my lord.

My soul is ours forever.

God bless you.

Thank you very much

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Weekend Knitting Scraf

Weekend comes more time to relax, for me in winter , best time to start little knitting , open slow music enjoy every moment .

I knit for others.

For me crochets are loose design not tight .

While i just learn so many different designs, i match for any dress and wear at anytime, i don’t get my favour colours in market.

Actually winter , me and my mother will knit 25 pieces for needy and poor children.

A little warmness to someone life.

❄️Winter bliss❄️

Share love and care to all.

Thank you very much.

Happy weekend!!!

Best Regards,


A Path of Life

We spend our days waiting for the idea path to appear in front of us, but what we forget is that, paths are made by walking , not by waiting.

Take one step move forward change your life, every success can be reachable with your own efforts.

Move ahead to change your life forever!

Good night , have a wonderful day

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