Changes in Economy System

To a certain extent, all economies are mixed economies . There is some government intervention in all economies and some private sectors.

A mixed economies describe an economy which has market and government sectors of reasonably similar sizes. Good example Sweden.

United states is often described as market economy , the US government does carry out some functions for instance providing defence. The economy is, nevertheless, considered to be a market economy as most capital and land is owned by individuals and groups of individuals and market forces play the key role in deciding the fundamental economic question.

Cuba there is a limited degree of small scale private sector agricultural production but the economy is largely a planned economy. Most land and capital owned by government.

My view:- I call it “invisible anguish” created in the economy of Cuba. Poverty line rapidly increase as all depend on government, incase instability occurs to the “country government” the public as whole will be in crisis .

There is no proper “competition” with international market competitors , the talent of country will be isolated and left with no choice, youngsters motivation will be negatively impacted , they have to combat with adjustment whereas they suppose to bring positive changes in economy relatively quickly , increase GDP growth for the country . Every individual wish to explore outside and bring more growth to country.

I have noted there is a misunderstanding about overlap between skills may cause some confusion, but essential difference between a project manager and specialist .

Example : The idea which i “hold on” copied by someone else does not mean they will have the result as mine.

They hold the little concept of mine but cannot upgrade or bring in new initiative . The ironic thing about project managing specialist is that not all change is deliberate or can be predicted.

“Basic bottom line , if you don’t have further knowledge & experience to explore things you are neutral with your ideas”.

“Failure in your projection”.

There is always saying “a typical project starts with someone having an idea”.

In year 1980s and 1990s a number of economics have huge reshuffling. United Kingdom and New Zealand moved from being largely mixed economies to being “mainly market economies”. “The role of the government was reduced by removing a numbers of government regulations ,more flexibility in policy , reduction in taxation, bring trust back to the “descending economy and move towards ascending economy”.

There were even more dramatic changes we founded in the economies of Eastern Europe , including Poland and Russia ,in the 1990s. They move from “planned economy”to “market economy”, it is successful strategy planning and project management changes , as customers get more choices and quality of the products improved rapidly. Further on, the living standards of the country people improved, and poverty chart narrow down.

In recent years there are countries “drawing back to ancient policy” “planned economy” there is a possibility for us to see in near future world moving towards less growth , high poverty within each individual country, aggressive demand and supply slowly cut off, it is sign of huge recession, higher unemployment, more emotional economical market, clients rather safe cash,children will suffer from no education .

My View: “GLOBAL Economy Paralysing”.

Slowly by slowly we will enter into “one silent mode of isolation” worldwide.

Are we ready for this type of living standards .

I, will post more information about it in near future.

Thank you very much sharing your time with me.

Copyright ✍🏻SK Sandhu

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  1. reemasandhu says:

    Very true and perfect analysis,
    Profounding and realistic
    Appreciate your post 😄

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You possess such a unique skillet — you understand the world of economy as most who are so spiritual cannot, and you are able to write of this unique perspective, as well, so beautifully. What a valuable contribution your life is, so dedicated to peace and wellbeing, for your own one grandmother as for every child in the world. I’m so happy to know you.

    Reblogging this to Success Inspirers World 🙂

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      1. sk8sandhu says:

        Good morning dear

        no problem, i understand it. 🤗✍🏻
        Here i would like to say something,

        I am really blessed my lord to know you, as material world and spiritual world work together for me .
        When i am tried and confuse i kneel down to lord , i will be very relief because it help me a lot ,i have put this behaviour in practice since i was a child.

        My dear, it is really nice feelings when i receive message from you full care and respect .

        I admire you always🤗🌹

        Best Regards

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    1. sk8sandhu says:

      Good morning dear,

      It is such honoured to received such a exquisite comment from you . My believe our world needs people who dedicate, understand life like you.

      Your, every post i read , every single bit of it i understand it. We together in this world as one .
      All have to work as a teams, group and a big family.
      Our next generations , should not suffer in life .

      Incase we neglect these main issues in life , everyone will suffer , i cannot afford to see. Many time people make decisions without thinking the consequence, and connivance them , it is very scary because our life are in their hand.

      Every decision made by them impact our daily life.

      I, sincerely thank you very much for liking and reblogged my post.

      Best regards

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      1. Our feelings toward each other are entirely mutual, dear one 🙂

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      2. sk8sandhu says:

        Good day dear,

        Absolutely true , i agree with you .

        Thank you very much

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