Office Behaviour

When you first start a job feeling is same as first time flying on aeroplane. It doesn’t seem possible to imagine how such big , heavy thing full of people and luggages could travel in the air. Never worry about it, see the birds,eagles in the air they are heavy in weight but manage perfectly roam in air with freedom.

In plane there is pilot drives us all the way to the end of our journey. Office we have top management bodies to handle all the important issues of the office which relates to clients, agents, sub-agents and others.

In office seeking for perfectionism , mind me not saying it, never happens, daily there will be some errors, mistakes to be alter or fixed. Find solutions for maintaining clients is never a easy tasks. Clients behaviours are most probably like discovered “jet engines” which is incredibly noisy. They want excellent service within the given period of time ” time management” is a must, as clients never like to listen excuses.

Well, possibility for you to do mistakes are high as distressed pressure mount up very high onto your shoulders, worrying will you be terminated from job if any big client complaints reach your vice president or directors table.

Yes, it happens most of the time without notice you are out from job.

My Experience

There are two important things must be kept in mind “high management team” and “me”. Situation which you cannot handle immediately report to high management team because clients meet them in person , trust build for long term business, high management team well aware how to handle and convince these clients.

Never start up your argument with clients ,you will surely get termination letter without reference letter of company.

One have to be customer oriented with well coordination with sales team and high management team.

Risky situation will occur in office, you must be brilliant is to inform the sale team as they meet clients daily, to keep good relationship with them.

Hiding and patching up work will not help as it will make you more nervous , discuss and find solution.

All office people all sail in same boat .

I hope this will help you to understand why somethings unknowingly we create unnecessary problems for ourselves.

Conclusion happy working in office .

Copyright SK Sandhu

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  1. I wish I would have read this when I had my first office job. Im sure I would have been a lot better at my job. 🙂

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    1. sk8sandhu says:

      GA dear , yes it is reality, to avoid losing your job , may be something better ahead for you tomorrow 😀 learn all . Thank you so much . SK

      Liked by 1 person

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