Child Abuse Serious Crime

Modernisation of life presently known as civilisation or not, in many countries “Yes” but i doubt for other countries .

Standing still with my statement as some countries absolutely without no second thought i can say there is no civilisation at all.

Reason for instance rapidly child abuse cases are increasing in their countries, child getting sexually abuse within the home and outside.

Law enforcement agency as police departments Effectively and Efficiently investigation on the cases includes law officers or case worker to visited the victims. Incase Offender is an outsider, sexual assault cases parents , guardians , friends and witnesses such as nurses, doctors and teachers may have to cooperate to provide sufficient evidence to support the victim(child) . Due to nervousness occurs to child, accumulation of pain within the child , mostly she never knew how to express the incident into words, some professional name it as “temporary mental disturb”.

As per my view:-

Child who have undergone with sexual abuse should be handled carefully , law enforcement people should to talk one to one like counsellor. Kindly not to treat a victim same like criminals, she is innocent asking assistance looking forward for someone who can help understand her pain.

I have reading some cases , developing countries with huge problems everyday three cases are shown is publicly happening but while checking the depth how many hidden cases are there unseen every day no one know , there any cures yes but top official going to initiate new policy or no?

My tough solution will be send army or commandos, you have right to say to me “objection over ruled” but i am very firm with my decision, when countries police officer unable to handle the rapidly growing cases of rapes with countries, they need someone stronger to handle with full right authority to arrest.

These girls who are raped are getting sickness and none of us can help them, words are words it comfort until we listen but really and actual destruction happened in their life, many having nightmare dreams, as they are drawn into black water waiting for someone to help them .

It is not matter of culture rather in my words discipline, communication within the home .

Mothers play a very big rules, i understand many females in different communities have their own ethic and principles which rules to be obey in life, husband hit and shout at her she will not discuss it in public as fear nothing should happen to him, i call it as traditional aspect of living styles i respect it but does it approve the men’s ideology!

Here i shall give some hints to you ; incase mothers allow the males in home to drink beer, wines, smoking and addiction to drugs . Please keep your daughters close to you only, when going to market please take them along with you, if possible at night mother sleep with daughter , never keep her one side in corner of home , study room of your door make sure you are present witnessing the daughter safety.

Double lock the door ensuring no male entry to the room.

When a man is drunk, what he is saying and doing also not aware so take precaution in advance as child belongs.

A child who is innocent.

Thank you

Copyright✍🏻SK Sandhu

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  1. reemasandhu says:

    If a crime is ignored is painful

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  2. 15ansdemafia says:

    Frank CECROPS has seen child crimes. The culprit is the French mafia. Several surveys are done in France. But this is for several countries.

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    1. sk8sandhu says:

      Good evening dear,

      i agree with you, it became a business which is well organised supported by many in this world, the best is to keep children safe .

      Thank you so much
      Best regards


      1. 15ansdemafia says:

        Frank CECROPS was a French secret service. For months he was part of a network of French criminals. When he denounced the crimes of children, the Secret Service ordered him not to say anything. The book “15 Years of MAFIA” tells this story. There are investigations now.

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      2. sk8sandhu says:

        Good morning dear,

        Pardon me for late reply, crime is becoming so much, that individual security matters the most, these things are impacting many life, it is not easy to handle them we can understand , who are accountable of these things as one cannot be strong alone.

        Thank you so much


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