Elderly Care – My Advise

Last few days i have been to hospital regularly , noted how young generation children kept a gap between their parents and grand parents. It is truth of life everyone of us will get old one day, but every moment we must remind ourselves, we are not under the mercy of anyone . I haveContinue reading “Elderly Care – My Advise”

🌞Sunday Prayer for All

Sunday Prayers Dear Lord, thank you for the blessing of seeing another day, we lift up to you all who we love and care for and ask you to bless them and meet their needs. May your peace and joy fill our cups to overflowing and may your grace sustain us. Thank you for beingContinue reading “🌞Sunday Prayer for All”

Beetroot – Not For Blood Sugar Patient

Good Evening! Last fews days, i have been learning in person about diabetes patients diets with dietitian. Some information, i would like to share with you all. One of very common food “BeetRoot”. It is very nutritional veggie but not for patient who are having blood sugar problem and diabetes. Fact & Benefit of Beetroot:-Continue reading “Beetroot – Not For Blood Sugar Patient”

Old Age Of Rich Man

It is a real story! There was a very rich successful man, he accomplished every goal in life, by turning around taking a business that is struggling getting it back on track, he was specialise in it , perfectionism and professionalism both found in him, but one reality we never analysis , time and truthContinue reading “Old Age Of Rich Man”

Young Females :- Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic syndrome is a collection of symptoms due to kidney damage. This is including protein in urine, low blood albumin levels, high blood lipids and significant swelling, other symptoms are weight gain, feeling tried and foamy urine. Recently i came cross with a medical case a young lady age below 20- 30, very young toContinue reading “Young Females :- Nephrotic Syndrome”

Poem When I Was Young

When i was young , life just begun, Things was easy and all was fun, Then i realise life started to make me run, While running i forget all the fun. I got married , a beautiful wife and children, It was like i still was young, Time passed by, life made all to run,Continue reading “Poem When I Was Young”

Thank You Note From My Mother and Family to Princess Margaret Hospital in Hong Kong -Kowloon🌿

Good evening to all my friends, who have supported me in this tough time of life, we sisters are thankful to all who visited my mother last one week, where i lost all hopes, my mother can survive or not? The hospitably service given by emergency ward Section D , 6 floor, is excellent beyondContinue reading “Thank You Note From My Mother and Family to Princess Margaret Hospital in Hong Kong -Kowloon🌿”

Present Market Breakdown (Amended)

Good morning, These days markets dynamic function, it bring further decline to innovation due reason it is exploit opportunities in the core businesses , falling the trap including acquisitions or growth initiatives in areas that are relatively distant from existing customers, products and channels. We are having shortfall in talent skilled people in our market,Continue reading “Present Market Breakdown (Amended)”

Mind Mapping

Why mind mapping is important, it help approach that organises thoughts and ideas into a clear form, from which patterns and new approaches emerge or crystallise. Mind maps help to clarify issues, as well as to share and communicate ideas. A starting point is to list the pros and cons of each idea. Group issuesContinue reading “Mind Mapping”

Self-Awareness – Motherhood

In a fast changing world, females must establish a sense of understanding and plan properly, are you ready to become a “mother” “physically as well mentally”. Preliminary stage for any females before becoming mother , please take advise from your own mother or contact any social counsellor who can guide you , advise whether youContinue reading “Self-Awareness – Motherhood”

Leadership Perspective

Perspective is a method of understanding and analysing situation with their own vision and words. Leadership matters:- Leadership is crucial, the challenge is to combine management skills and leadership ability, in the right way and right time. Leadership need to performed by skilled person, who understand the subject well, do have scale to describe dailyContinue reading “Leadership Perspective”

Diabetes-Carrot Mix Juice

Carrot beloved veggie of Rabbit and human, carrots contain a number of antiseptic and antibacterial abilities which boost our immune system, it have high level of vitamin C,stimulate the activity of white blood cells, it is the most important element to maintain good health system. Carrots Nutrition Facts Carrots can be attributed to their betaContinue reading “Diabetes-Carrot Mix Juice”

Real Eyelashes

Being feminine beauty matter the most for me or any female in our world. Our eyes is the first impression to anyone, a direct contact with eyes means self confident and great personality . Many females use fake eyelashes but some females are having long eyelashes naturally. What is purpose of eyelashes it protect ourContinue reading “Real Eyelashes”

Thinking Strategically

The ability to plan ahead and succeed is essential in life. Thinking strategically enables managers to map the route to success as well as developing their skills of analysis and leadership. It helps managers see where and how change is needed to make the business successful. The Essence of Successful Strategies are flexibility, able toContinue reading “Thinking Strategically”

Bell’s Palsy

Today my topic, will be relate to a diseases were many people have misunderstanding and confusion , “it is a stroke or facial paralysis”. We need have a correct analytical medical skills and appropriate knowledge about bell’s palsy, it is internal organ are having toxin while your insulin is having problems with advance level ofContinue reading “Bell’s Palsy”

Develop Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to understand your own emotions and the emotions of others, and then apply that knowledge to be more successful and fulfilled. This is important when getting people to change (the process of leading changes) and ensuring that people around you understand and actively support the strategy of yours. EmotionalContinue reading “Develop Emotional Intelligence”

Health Care

These days people are very health cautious , health care matters to business because it is important to people. It caused global disruption and firms remain hampered by the devastating effects of HIV/AIDS and other spreadable disease in our society. The existence of a large and growing gap between people’s health care expectations and theirContinue reading “Health Care”

Story Of Ojus-Manila

A little boy born in manila, miles away from us, but unknown connection with us all, which bring us together today. He is our most beloved child as “Ojus” , he understand the value of time and studies, he work hard, and study well. Today Our little child “Ojus” came first in entire Manila State.Continue reading “Story Of Ojus-Manila”

Avoiding Pitfalls

When innovation is a cornerstone of business strategy there are several potential pitfalls. Premium position captivity, the most dangerous part for market leaders thinking that the level of innovation that has worked in the past will ensure bring success in the future , it is all depend on which market we would like launch theContinue reading “Avoiding Pitfalls”

Society Of Broken Love

Our present society , winding down the most important systematically human behaviours towards “Love”. Love is not just subject of lover , but love is a big massive word, which relates to us in all level of ages and community, it is word which carries a very “strong powerful” meaning not just by word butContinue reading “Society Of Broken Love”

Technology And Human

Technology inventions are always exciting for many of us, it is a platform which provides us instant information about international market policy and strategy of each individual country, changes which are ahead good or worst , we have to be prepared for it. How do we utilise these technology, it is determent by individual perspective,Continue reading “Technology And Human”

Lord’s Path

The heart of the message from Divine is that Lord the merciful bestow and stand for us despite our problem turn us around. Whoever trusts him receives his mercy and has a duty to share it with others through good deeds, words and prayers. Our lord never turn away, it is us if we shakeContinue reading “Lord’s Path”

Present Economy Analysis

Good afternoon, When analysing our present economic condition, there is no constant right answers to the question, which arise in international market today. Business and the business environment changing due to policy makers, my question how we are planning to the object of future business strategy in the international platform. Aggressive demand and supply isContinue reading “Present Economy Analysis”