Technology And Human

Technology inventions are always exciting for many of us, it is a platform which provides us instant information about international market policy and strategy of each individual country, changes which are ahead good or worst , we have to be prepared for it.

How do we utilise these technology, it is determent by individual perspective, moreover which sort of information is more valid and necessary for your work environment.

Keep well informed about global news today , at time your friends are busy working , they will request you check what is the update news today, you have browse the information and revert back to them, as many are people world according to global market .

Technology is just a information platform, like when i was young reading news papers “Hong Kong standard”or “South China Morning Post”.

July 15, 2018 onwards children in Hong Kong will start their holidays, i would to request all children spend more time out doors activities, remember it is just one and half month holidays, learn something new, go for your passion, study two hours per day your new books, get some reference books, read library books, go out play with your friends , not to sit 5-8 hours on net, honestly child, it is not healthy at all as mentally it will make you sick.

There is nothing to be remorse on internet, remember technology is use for educational and information usage only.

Technology and human are friends but “time management” is necessary my child.

Forget to mention here: Incase you unable to score high marks this terms, not to be upset , holidays spend time old study materials, not to get confuse. Search and study online

My view: –

Technology is a “spinning wheel” use it wisely.

Thank you so much

Copyright SK Sandhu 2018

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  1. Nice thoughts.
    Happy sunday

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    1. sk8sandhu says:

      Good afternoon dear,

      Thank you so much
      Happy weekend


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