Present Market Breakdown (Amended)

Good morning,

These days markets dynamic function, it bring further decline to innovation due reason it is exploit opportunities in the core businesses , falling the trap including acquisitions or growth initiatives in areas that are relatively distant from existing customers, products and channels.

We are having shortfall in talent skilled people in our market, who can bring new innovation. What stops innovation dead in its tracks is not merely a shortage of talent but the absence of required capabilities. Internal skills gaps are often self-inflicted, the unintended consequence of promote from within policies that have been too strictly applied.Are we making the global economy semi paralyse or partially paralyse.

How one country can say their protectionism will not impact reset of our world, i study the subject throughly we are directly and indirectly link , when you try to bring new initiatives to hammer another country your local bodies are getting highly effected too , as they are importer of those product in your country, Am i right dear?

Failing to understand the market, how it is changing is another reason innovation fails and business strategy stalls. The underlying assumptions supporting the strategy need to change in line with the external environment, please analysis correctly at time it can be wrong.

We are directly cutting down the direct consumer market, as trust factor play a big rule, it is how beautiful we place the dish on tables, what matter the most how delicious the lady have cooked the food edible or no. Raw or over cooked is not good for health.

When innovation is weak, we will speak will keep in mind let us put hand together and guide each other.

Research shown and proof many countries young generation below 35 are not uneducated.

💯Incase they are educated no jobs for them.


How to put these young children back to work . We must plan and organise the economy back to correct platform for these young generation.Incase today international market neglect or ignore these issues, the dramatic changes will appear to be a disaster in the near future for them.

Slow GDP growth, high inflation, recession and worst is descending mode of living standard , poverty will increase rapidly, one must plan for future generation now before it is too late to regret.

My this article is subject to international market awareness ensuring stability to all. Have a lemon tea to bring new refreshment.

Thank you so much for sharing your time with me.

Copyright SK Sandhu 2018

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    1. sk8sandhu says:

      Thank you dear so much🌿🌹🤗


      1. reemasandhu says:

        You are welcome 😗

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      2. sk8sandhu says:

        😘🤗🌹🤓 thank you so much 🌷


    1. sk8sandhu says:

      Good morning dear Alex, i am glad to know you, i sincerely, thank you so-much for the reblog – Present Market Breakdown. Have a nice day dear, best regards sks

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      1. Alex says:

        Good morning Sandhu(corect me if i’m wrong) . i’m glad to meet you too ! have a great day !

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      2. sk8sandhu says:

        Dear, you are absolutely right , stay in touch , have nice evening , take care , best regards sks

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      3. Alex says:

        thank you ! have a great day ! all the best !

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  1. The article is wonderful and everyone must read. Problems for future are jotted down nice way. Thank You Sandhu for sharing and also Thank You Alex for reblogging and for that I have read such a nice article. Have a nice day !

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    1. sk8sandhu says:

      Good afternoon dear, i am glad you like this article in deed these days it is becoming common for children having various sickness when they are born itself, share with each other the information helps parents and therapist.

      Dear Alex, i sincerely thank you so much for liking almost all my articles .
      Stay in touch, have lovely day to both
      Best regards sks

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      1. Very Good Afternoon you too dear ! you are absolutely right . Have a gr8 day ! Regards

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      2. sk8sandhu says:

        🤗😊🌹🌸 good evening dear, same to you !sks

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