Age 60 plus Male or Female

Good Morning!

There is always a Principle and structure how we maintain our health, sometime we take all precautions but unfortunately things goes worst reason is our diet or excessive happiness when a person is aged above 60 plus his/her family members have to start changing its diet, due to his organs may not be strong enough to break strong solid food, some processed and packed easily available food can spoil his or her health very fast.

Some young females age 30-35 married males above 60 plus start to study the body changes of the elderly husband as you must change his diet , “cause is consequences” may be you will not understand me here, let me explain you in details cause “food” and consequences “diseases” once he/she get any sickness it is very difficult to maintain same health like his earlier days.

Little girls age 30-35, you are young your movability flexibility is easy and learning adaptability is faster so never hesitate to become a perfect wife for your elderly husband this will encourage them to get prepared for old age and it is good for you, the more knowledge you gain it will be better understanding his body system. You have to put massive efforts to maintain elderly health care , never give up so fast you can do it, stay positive everything is possible. Your love can make him stay with you longer (forever) , trust yourself.

When his/her hand shaking remember to feed him/her with your own hands, his/ her movement slow down reduce down your fast speed and walk along with him/her, sometimes it is even good to eat the same food that he/she is eating it is great mental encouragement.

Little girls when you are socialising so many hours, it is better to walk down to ground reality the “real world” spend 3 hours per day to go learn elderly care things start prepare yourself mentally and physically for your elderly husband.

*It same for males married elderly females.

Rich or Poor male or female age 60 plus , home people must start taking training in advance. How to change his/her diapers, stay calm when they are angry as their blood pressure increase all of sudden.

If you are young , Husband is 60 plus have more elderly friends help you understand elderly better.

Happy go life🌿✍🏻

Principle -analysis and thinking.
Analysis provides facts of life.
Thinking requires thought and highly valuable.

True Dedication is True Value Relationship

Take action now !

I wrote this article reason after seeing the truth and real life of people in the hospital and in my surrounding.

Thank you so much for your time!

Copyright SK Sandhu 2018

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  1. reemasandhu says:

    I totally agree 🌹

    Liked by 1 person

    1. sk8sandhu says:

      Dear , i am trainee now learning how to take care of elderly as it help people around💞 fun many things to learn tysm sks


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