Constipation Problem’s Remedies

Good Morning !

Small is beautiful a fruit known as “Papaya”, many don’t know how to eat this fruit for healing purpose, i would like to share my little knowledge and real experience with you all.

Papaya healing health benefits:

Papaya lower blood pressure and help elderly who are suffering constipation problems.

Recently i came a cross with an elderly who have constipation problem for over 10 days, due to eating western medicines, he did many remedies but it never work for him.

Finally, i given two solution to him:-

Early morning , his blood sugar level is high due to having diabetes and constipation problems.

How we can help him in such situation:-

It simple and interesting morning routine:-

Before starting your day:-

1) Boil two glass of water add one teaspoon of cinnamon , remove it after 8 mins , drink it Luke warm 1 glass of cinnamon water early morning.

2) After 40-50 mins, cut one papaya, remove its skin. Don’t throw the inside seeds put it into a bowl add 1/2 lemon to it , eat full bowl of seeds with 1/2 glass Luke warm water daily

Later, i advise him to eat 1/2 or less papaya, never rush to complete the food with 10 mins it hurts our digestive systems.

This elderly man within two days his blockage removed and he can sleep peacefully.

These remedy works for patients eating western diabetes medicines, blood sugar medicine and even gastric medicines.

It is effective, fast and no side effects.

Small portion with great result try it!

Take care of your health every day!

Remakes :- Reduce the among of wheat and rice in take per day ratio 1: 5 means 1tablespoon of rice add 5 tablespoon of green boiled vegetables in your daily meal. (no salt)

Consume Luke warm water daily.

I am Studying along with the dietician so advising you same. Your life will be very beautiful if you follow it .

Great ideas work with Principle of healthy habit of eating. Never Give Up!

Thank you so much for sharing your time with me.

Copyright SK Sandhu 2018

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