Happy Mid Autumn Festival

Good evening, May this mid-autumn festival bring happiness, success, joy and good fortune to all on this moon festival day. God bless everyone! Light protect us every moment! This was our childhood always waiting for mid autumn festival to invite good luck to us, each light bring good omen, eating moon cake , saying thankContinue reading “Happy Mid Autumn Festival”

World Peace – Lord in Heaven

Lord Shiva the peacekeeper of universe , thy kneel down at your feet seeking for world peace. The hated seeds to be removed by your mercy my lord, give your hand of love to all in this planet. Rudram and Chamakam performed by 400+ Europeans in Croatia. The European Veda association would be performing thisContinue reading “World Peace – Lord in Heaven”

A Child’s True Love – China

A campaign moved millions in China A woman died in a childbirth. The family of this woman donated her heart to a man wearing black shirt See the reaction of the kid…. Priceless The man who had the heart of a dead woman , he came one day to the family saying thank you forContinue reading “A Child’s True Love – China”

Praise Of Lord

The power of the light Make adorable life. Moment we hold the light Our heart murmur to Lord show the way right🌹 I trust none in this world, Thy believe in your words, Come kneel down at feet Saying i love you lord You are mine and i am yours. We will never be separateContinue reading “Praise Of Lord”

Performance Measurement

Good morning ! The starting point when designing a “performance measurement system ” to “performance management” is a basic business strategy. To be successful, i believe, work accordingly with “performance measurement system” has to be concerned with measures of outcome or results. It is necessary part of projection managements , to achieve a certain returnsContinue reading “Performance Measurement”

High Potassium Impact our Health

Part #1 Good afternoon dear, Today my topic will be about potassium one of the most important element in our body. Potassium play a big role in our body, same like magnesium,manganese, zinc, copper, calcium, Iodine, Iron, chloride and chromium. High potassium causes kidney stones , worst case kidney failure, neurological disorders, breathing problem,heart palpitations,Continue reading “High Potassium Impact our Health”