Performance Measurement

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The starting point when designing a “performance measurement system ” to “performance management” is a basic business strategy.

To be successful, i believe, work accordingly with “performance measurement system” has to be concerned with measures of outcome or results. It is necessary part of projection managements , to achieve a certain returns of your hard work , one need to be “Customer Oriented” providing the best service to the client.

Sometimes we have to provide “value added service” where time management is a very important factor.

The process of setting up of performance measure may well stimulate the further development and articulation of strategy.

Performance indicators defined here as aspects of performance that are relatively easy to measure but not easy to capture the underlying dimensions of performance.

Conclusion:- Each performance measures examining through the eyes of top management and managers of company who are accountable to bring great achievement to the company with respectful mannerism and behaviours in align with international standards and gradings.

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