Sensory Integration Intervention Strategies

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What is Sensory Integration Intervention?

It is a tool in your professional toolbox:-

There are different opinion about “Sensory Integration Child”, some say there is no such thing itself, but rather to say a child needs therapy which may include , as a primary or secondary strategy, a sensory integrative approach.

Next argument took place there is no such thing as an “Sensory Integration therapist” but rather a therapist whose training includes sensory integration theory and practice.

Both these concepts are important for how we present ourselves as professionals and how we approach assessment, report writing and recommendations for treatments. Third party payers ( school districts and insurance companies) pay for OT, PT etc. Based on a child’s needs , not for a particular treatment approach.

What does an environment that provides sensory integration treatment as part of its possibilities look like?

A) Equipment/Activities

We have to suspend equipment, is an important part of sensory integration .

Inviting/ warm /things close to floor exploration /encourages curiosity .

B) Atmosphere

Calm and peaceful atmosphere.

C) Therapist Interaction Style And Skills

Playing is a skill which bring more interaction between child and therapist.

Overview of course (paradigm shift from treating sensory systems to treating major sensory integration outcomes with specifically designed sensory motor activities)

A) Modulation:-

It is related to immune system and endocrine system, infants use modulation to eat and sleep.

B) Postural Control

C) Praxis & Bilateral Motor Coordination:-

It is specific out come skills.

The most important concept is “Plasticity” throughout life, brain cells reproduce throughout life, it pull new brain cells into new functions, new things can be learned , but condition have to be right. Some brain parts are more mouldable at different ages and stages of development.

Sharing with you all what i have been reading these days , all about “sensory integration intervention strategies”.

Enjoy reading !

To be cont….

Thank you so much for sharing your time with me here.

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