Red Alert~ Little Girls

Good evening dear ,

My humble request to mothers never allow any strangers to touch or talk to your baby girls, as one can never read another person’s intention, some people don’t have home discipline. Never let your child to play alone in garden or parks. if possible take your child with you wherever you go.

Train your girls to inform all daily incident or happening , as you being a “mother”, have right to control the good and bad situations for your child.

After school , talk to your child daily, be like a friend , make a comfortable room of discussion for your child, so that she will start disclosing all information to you (mother) at home without fear.

Any male give candies ask you to go along, with him, “STOP PAUSE” inform your parents on spot by phone.

Little girls don’t ever trust anyone other than your own mother, she is always your best friend. if she guide you take it as warning as mother are well aware of society changes , and decide best for you my child.

Start now, openly talk to your mother, build up strong love relationship with her , it is most value asset on this earth a “mother”.

A mother who love us unconditionally .

Thank you so much !

Copyright SK Sandhu 2018

2 Comments Add yours

    1. sk8sandhu says:

      Thank you so much dear, scary world these days. Sks


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