Good morning dear,

Lord made provision for all of our needs through ” Salvation” means healing, health, wholeness, deliverance, well-being, safety, soundness and eternal life.

We often overemphasise eternal life and neglect to lay hold of the healing and deliverance so needed in this life.

Practical aspect of this benefit of salvation is experiencing the healing with lord’s prayers help to restore us to wholeness.

God bless you all!

Thank you so much for sharing your time with me here, it means a lot to me always.

Warm hug to all!

Copyright SK Sandhu 2018

Published by sk8sandhu

The desirous position in Hemato Pte Ltd (Singapore) as Director provided a scope for diversification to build the effectiveness, interpersonal relationship with our clients. Dynamic engagement enabled me to improve and perform within the given target timing to identify the challenges independently. Project Management and Finance: Demonstrate with supporting internal and external relationship knowledge. Principal Management with activity based management to comprehend the project to completion stage. Our strong vision are responsible for increasing company revenue by identifying and developing new business opportunities by applying new techniques to one's work to lead the team and manage multitask and succession of business. Professionalism criteria towards "Business Strategy" of competitiveness of "moves and actions", which helps to attract new customers to the organization. We create opportunities for better tomorrow . Thank You So Much Sarjit Kaur

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