Neurobiological Assumptions Underlying Sensory Integration

Part II

Good Afternoon Dear,

Today, my topic very much related to “Sensory Integration” child, i had little discussion about it in my pervious articles in my blog.

Many of us never aware what is the concept and condition of Plasticity in neurobiology assumptions underlying sensory integration,

The relevant, meaningful purposeful activity for a child is:- motivation and concentration.

Parent or therapist must find what child likes to do and expand from there, these behaviours will fit into development level of a child, but this may not be appropriate for chronological age of child.

If a child have fun and enjoy what he like , it helps him learn things more easily. It is less pressure and stress for a child.

As per me one correct system can help another system to work. “Just Right Challenge” are irresistible, an adaptive response / active participation is critical.

Under my observation boys needs more physical activity, risk is how he learn things, how to weight up the chances to be successful in the small or big ventures , that will help them out of boredom. Pardon me saying this adult can support the child to risk take but don’t do it for them or stop them) this make a child to lost interest in the physical games. As the child’s brain will be more effective to response and make the right decision under any condition.

Why so, any normal child have to be engaged in physical learning , as per me boys are more active in games , assurance of my statement appear from my experience, my home we have more boys than girls . I learned from their behaviours how they react on games and studies.

Please don’t misunderstand me little baby girls go for physical games which is less stressful for them as a beginner.

Here we come with “Adaptive Response”:-

An appropriate action in which the individual responds successfully to some environmental demand.

“Appropriate Action” – the child’s action is functional, meaningful, productive, purposeful, (the observer should carefully note to what the child appropriately responding, rather than assuming a response is inappropriate)

🌸Play, Exploration,

🌸School Work

🌸Social/adaptive activities (Social & Physical Interaction).

🌸Postural support, locomotion, transitional movements, motor skills (gross, fine,oral)

👍🏻 Example:- completing an assignment in the classroom/throwing a beanbag at a target and others.

Most important , what instruction do a child comply with, notice how a child respond to things, ( such as throwing a beanbag ball) .

Moving forward to Responds Successfully, success criteria should be shared by the therapist and child. It is sometimes difficult to know what the child’s criteria might be.

Use and note language ( verbal & nonverbal ) to understand their criteria , a child respond with feeling .

It is all about “Just right challenge” have the possibility of disaster, not the probability or certainly of disaster. It is a time to change and move on.

If you ever noted “Just right Challenge” for children with significant motor dysfunction and/or fragile nervous systems/sensory defensiveness, but may be less effective in a child who is more organised and better able to physically interact with the environment .

A child moving independently walking frontwards up a ramp is always best feeling for any adult to see.

Make your child move effective by changing our and theirs daily habits.

Never isolate any child with sensory integration!

Thank you so much for sharing your time to read my blog.

Copyright SK Sandhu 2018

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