Diabetes Patients Avoid Wheat Products

Good morning dear,

Wheat Powder

Today, my discussion is about “Wheat flour is a powder made from the grinding of wheat used for human consumption.

This product is highly consume by many communities worldwide,baking cake,pastries and breads , it is having high gluten approximately 12%-14%, which cause many damages to our body unknowingly.

Wheat allergy many not aware what are the symptoms , every individual have different reactions on wheat allergy .

Wheat intolerance people will have bigger and thicker lips, frequently sneezing similarity to sinus, as we all known sinus is very much link to our heart, it means your heart is going weak day by day, the more you consume the worst it goes with sneezing or sinus and heart, weak muscles, dysfunction of thyroid, low immunity,neurological disorders, liver disorders, blur vision,rheumatic pains, constipation, uric acid, headache, migraine, dry skin and many others.

Wheat cause diabetes, high blood pressure,cardiovascular diseases, Coronary artery disease is the narrowing or blockage of the coronary arteries, usually caused by atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis (sometimes called “hardening” or “clogging” of the arteries) is the buildup of cholesterol and fatty deposits (called plaques) on the inner walls of the arteries.

It create plaque inside the arteries,the following images show how it decrease our blood flow which cause high blood pressure and heart attack to many people worldwide.

Diabetes patients are not recommended to eat

this products as high sugar contents are found

In wheat. At time causing Bell palsy due Thyroid


Specimen : sample of your blood will shows all:-

These are for normal arrange people:-


Reference Range : 136- 145. Units: mmol/L


Reference Range: 3.4-4.5. Units: mmol/L


Reference Range: 98-107. Units: mmol/L


Reference Range: 22-29. Units: mmol/L

Anion Gap:-

Reference Range: 8-16

Creatinine :-

Reference Range: 45-84. Units: umol/L


Reference Range: 2.8-8.1 Units:mmol/L

Protein Total:-

Reference Range: 66-87. Units: g/L


Reference Range: 35-52. Units: g/L


Reference Range: 23-36. Units: g/L


Reference Range: >=1


Reference Range: <=35. Units: U/L


Reference Range: <=35. Units: U/L

Alkaline Phosphatase:-

Reference Range: 35-105. Units: U/L


Reference Range: <40. Units: U/L

Bilirubin Total :-

Reference Range: <=21. Units: umol/L

Amylase :-

Reference Range: 38-128. Units: U/L

C-Reactive Protein:-

Reference Range: <5 Units: mg/L

Chinese TCM they will advise diabetes patient to

Reduce spicy food and heat products, wheat

Cause lungs dampness, excess heat in liver

Causes high blood pressure, when thyroid stop

Its function , hormones imbalance will appear,

Sodium, iodine and potassium will be fluctuation.

To balance these together one have to lower

Glycemic index foods which includes Oat meals

But oats have acidity level higher,which makes

The blood more thicker .

Avoid acidity food!

Think before consuming oat meal add more

Alkaline fruits to it,add fresh nuts milk to it.

Diabetes patients should not eat canned

Products .

This is really my own sharing knowledge with

Local doctor , learn and share with you all.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading

My blog , hope it is helpful to all .

Stay healthy and happy always!

Best regards

Copyright SK Sandhu 2018

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  1. Very informative… Research done well 😊😊… Keep it up

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    1. sk8sandhu says:

      Good morning dear, thank you so much for your this message of encouragement , and nice of you to stop by reading my blog, i am learning and sharing it with you all, i like to do research , interesting it is for me. Best regards sks

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  3. Khushbu Rastogi says:

    This made me stop by..and I took it seriously..
    Very informative👍

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    1. sk8sandhu says:

      Good afternoon dear, this article give life to the mind of people, stay alert before eating this products, really nice of you drop by and read it, my pleasure to know you here, thank you so much , best regards sks

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      1. Khushbu Rastogi says:

        My pleasure..
        And keep posting such stuff👍🙂

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      2. sk8sandhu says:

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        🤗💞🌹🤗 surely dear

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  4. Thank you so much for this valuable information. 🙂

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    1. sk8sandhu says:

      Good afternoon dear,

      i am glad you read it, thank you so much sharing your time with me dear, trying to help everyone , little efforts make our world beautiful, have a nice day ,
      best regards sks 🌸🌹

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    1. sk8sandhu says:

      Good afternoon dear,

      pardon me for late replying you , i am grateful to you sending me such a wonderful my beloved virgin mother Mary to me, bring so much happiness to me .

      I sincerely thank you so much ,
      best regards


  5. reemasandhu says:

    Very detailed 😊

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    1. sk8sandhu says:

      Yes dear, health is wealth, thank you so much for your message best regards sks


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