Winter Beauty Tips

Good morning to all,

Today is new year eve, i pray to lord give good health, wealth and prosperity to everyone around the global.

My topic relates to “Winter Beauty” For both males and females, last one month i came across with many people of different community Indian, Chinese, Foreigners asking me personally what i use on face why i have fair skin and being spotless,i explain to them in details, how to stay healthy and beautiful always.

What should they do to get fast recovering from the skin problem, here i am sharing with you all here.

Serious cases:

Last week, one Indian lady came to me requesting for help and advise, she was packed with heavy make up, one cannot make out, if she is having skin problem such pimples and acnes.

She remove her make up with tissue , so that i can see the depth of her skin problems, she was Fair skin tone female turning to brown skin texture now.

I explain to her the followings:-

Beauty of face or body is all depend on what you consume on daily. How you control your diet and eat healthy food. Face is reflection of your whole body system.

Indians:- Eat of Wheat Products , dairy products and spicy products. Wheat cause diabetes, heart arteries to be blocked,indigestion problem, obesity, intestines gastric problem,bowel system problems, never be surprise, skin and insulin problem and thyroid damages. Most wheat eaters are suffering from Hypothyroidism, potassium and sodium conflict will make your life nightmare. The worst part for females mensuration problems (excessively bleeding).

Hyperthyroidism females are very thin, thyroid are not functioning properly. Please avoid eating seafood if you are hyperthyroidism.

Chinese :- Eat a lot of soybean , my request is please stop eating and drinking excessively soy bean milk and soy bean products reason many females unknowingly suffering from breast disease ,fibroids problem , even ovary pain, excessive mensuration problem consuming this cause huge damages to health.

Foreigners:- Eat a lot of white Flour, white sugar and dairy products, it causes breast cancer, stomach cancer, lung cancer and fibroids to anyone whom consume these products on daily bases. White Flour is bleached, which our stomach cannot digest so easily.

How to get healthy skin:-

When we talk about skin , please always take in account full body not the face. Stop eating the above products if you have skin problems.

Cucumber juice three times per day . Start eating low blood sugar products, milk change to almond milk or other nuts milk.

Garbanzo salad with beet root .

Drink & Eat those food to remove heavy toxin and metal of body, eating too much of fish cause hyperthyroidism as throat accumulated too much of mercury which damage the body in long run.

Soap to use:-

Papaya Soap,

Cucumber Soap,

Never use high fragrance and chemical soaps on face it make your skin worst. If you are Indian can change to Mysore Soap and Himalayas Soaps

Chinese please use Pear Soap and rice water to clean face.

Foreigners:- Any products which is not having chemicals , in case dry skin please use yoghurt or honey in winter.

Warning:- Never use cinnamon and tomatoes on dry skin that makes skin condition goes worst .


Clean your face after you are back home before start to do any work.

Now come back to me, my habits are simple and easy what all i mentioned above i do daily from my young age, i never drink soft drink, milk dairy chocolates, no candies, no junk, no fries, no wheat on daily bases only one in week or a month, Dairy product cheddar cheese, all types of nuts, buckwheat bread and others.

Dear if your skin is having problem, please go do medical check up as they show your health condition perfectly, doctors will provide you all information, stay happy and healthy always.

Coming back to me applying creams or moisturiser is all okay but i avoid doing any sort of makeup, because i never used make up on skin.

Be healthy and joyful 🤗🤗

My breakfast Recipe for you :


7 Grains Bread

Cheddar Cheese


Avocado add Salt to it.

Strawberries -5 pieces.

You change daily your breakfast as per your choices.

🌸Lastly incase your skin is dry and your environment is populated never apply oil to skin, reason is simple, oil invite more dust to stick on skin, use cream.

This is my personal experience not for advertisement use.

Thanking you

Best regards


copyright SkS2018

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  1. Nirant Gurav says:

    Handy post this is !!

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    1. sk8sandhu says:

      Good morning dear, sharing my experience with all. Thank you so much for sharing your time and reading my blog, have a nice day, best regards sks

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      1. Nirant Gurav says:

        Pleasure always for ur amazing words ☺️

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      2. sk8sandhu says:

        Good day dear, i am glad you like it, thank you so much , sks

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    1. sk8sandhu says:

      Good afternoon dear, it is nice of you to give me such a nice comment on it, thanking you, best regards sks

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      1. Pleasure is mine..its an helpful post!

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      2. sk8sandhu says:

        Yes dear, it is really very difficult at time for people who suffering these problems to face reality, i can understand them . So why i decided to share with all, hope to give correct guideline to heal them back to normal, all want to be healthy and happy always,
        thank you so much sks

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      3. Thanks 🙂 I shared the tips with my wifey!

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      4. sk8sandhu says:

        Good evening dear, thank you so much for doing it🌷😀 spreading the words , happy new year to you and family, best regards sks

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      5. sk8sandhu says:

        🌸🤗🌸 🌈😀


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