“The Mystery Blogger Award”

Good Evening dear,


19 thoughts on ““The Mystery Blogger Award”

      1. Good evening my dear,

        It my pleasure to know you, in deed i find you very interest, i glad you share your past experience here, to guide the young generation value time.

        I like your blog very much, it is really amazing .

        Lord bless you always.
        With hug to you💞🤗.

        Best regards
        SK Sandhu


      2. Dear, Happy Lohri to you and your family. It was really a lovely day here, cook some sweet at home sharing and enjoying🤗 today, you are very humble person. I respect you always, have a nice evening . Share happiness with all of you here, Happy Lorhi to all, God Bless you, Best regards sk sandhu


    1. Dear ,

      It is really nice of you to reply me , i was waiting for the nominator to appreciate it 🤗 my reply🤗 getting some credits is good and healthy for the day, thank you so much for reply on my mystery blogger award, even i forget to mention about myself.

      My introduction is simple:-

      A female from small city known as HongKong.

      Like to explore the world, learn new things and share with my surrounding.

      What i experience in life , i will inform others so that they will not suffer the same.

      Learning different languages is part my life.
      Keep studying to stay up to mark.

      Once Thank you so much for nominating me.
      Best regards , sks

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    1. Good evening my dear,

      I am so impressed by your answers especially on depression part, that is very correct way to handle depression patient or person , as i work freely – depression patients.

      Now , i am working for trauma people , how to overcome own emotions.

      Yes it is very true time is assets . If we don’t value it today , tomorrow things will be different , may not be positive and in your favour .

      Thank you so much for sharing your lovely experience with me here, i am glad to know you. Please stay connect with me.

      Best regards
      SK Sandhu


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