Winter Russian Compote Jost Drink

Good Morning to all friends on WordPress,

We enter into year 2019, God Bless You All.

Presently we are in winter session, always seeking for best recipes to keep ourself and family members warm and healthy, today i will share with you “A wonderful Russian Recipe” with little changes i made, to make it more delicious and healthier winter recipe for all.

Ingredients :- 3 people Serving

80 -100 grams Blueberries

15- 20 grams Ginger

4 cup of drinking water

1 teaspoon Honey per Cup.

I am lover of ginger, add ginger to berries, it help to make your stomach calm, throat nourished and moreover in winter getting cramps and body pain is very normal, ginger helps to reduce inflammation in the body , heal digestive system, protect your respiratory tract system, relaxing neck and arms , normalise your heart beat.

It control blood sugar .

Sharing my pictures with you all:-

Please soak berries with arrow root powder to avoid food poisoning. It can be used for type veggie and fruits for cleaning.

Soak them in hot water-for ten mins.

Boil the Ginger for ten mins.Clean the berries with warm water.

Please mash the berries, like the picture below:-

Mashed berries to be added into boiling ginger water.

Cover the lid, it makes berries to cook faster with the steam.

I love Honey 💞🍯 it taster awesome .

No to white sugar, i don’t eat white sugar.

Boil it for 20-35 mins the berries.

🍯Add one teaspoon of honey per cup.

🌹💞Excellent Part You Can Store🌷💞

I server myself “Winter Russian Compote Jost Drink this winter” to stay warm and healthy, i drink it hot 💞

Enjoy your day with Winter Russian Compote Jost Drink.

Have a wonderful day!

Thank you very much for being with me always and reading my blogs.

With love and hug to all!

💞Happy New Year 2019💞

Best regards,


Copyright SKS 2019

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