Beauty Of A Mother

Good evening friends,

A mother who sacrifice everything for a child, without thinking what she will be getting in return, love of a mother is difficult to express in words, lifelong they work hard day and night , just to give the best to their children.

A little pain or injury to a child , mother’s heart palpitations will start, this happen automatically.

Parents will always worries for their children unseen path , prays to lord give best to their children.

We being a child having full responsibility of our words and actions towards our parents, holding their hand and walking is our right and respect for them, not an insult.

A mother who hold our hand teach us how to walk why we hesitate to hold them tight within our arms in their old age. They are our pride , with them our world is so beautiful.

Love mother always.

Thank you so much for sharing your precious time with me here!

Photograph of Canada .

Copyright SKS2019


21 thoughts on “Beauty Of A Mother

      1. Yes dear, honestly i want people to change , but it is difficult task , I know it, i try put an effort. I Hope at least few of them change for good. Thank you so much for supporting me, best regards , sks

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