The different faces

Good afternoon friends

Enjoy your Saturday.

Picture made by my nephew πŸ€—

Copyright SKS 2019


16 thoughts on “The different faces

      1. Good and great dear, i surely advise him to do the same, it sound very interesting in deed i never thought about it, i will encourage him to take a degree in arts. I thankful to you guiding me today, hug you ,best regards sks

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    1. Good day dear , well said , i feel both imaginative and creativity .😊Thank you so much for visiting my blog , giving such a nice comments on it, have a nice day.
      Best regards, sks


  1. The drawing is great. Bravo to the artist. If I may ask, what opportunities are offered by a degree in art. If I ask it is because I live in a society where we still look at where your studies will take you before you take a decision. Maybe not the best thing but that is what obtains where I am.

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