Happy Chinese New Year 2019

Good afternoon to all,

Happy Chinese New Year 2019, wish everyone to have abundance of success in their career.

Thank you so much visiting my blog.

Greeting in cantonese to all .

Hope year 2019, bring world peace and every home have food .

Copyright SKS 2019


14 thoughts on “Happy Chinese New Year 2019

    1. Dear, pardon me for late reply, thank you so much for the Chinese New Year greeting, wishing you good luck and success, you have a wonderful blog, i like to reading it , nice interaction you have with people, and i am glad to know you , god bless you, best regards , sks

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    2. Dear ,

      Pardon me, as i lost one of your message, asking about Chinese New Year celebration.

      I am here with Sharing with you
      Chinese new year celebration :-

      On day 28 of chinese calendar , we clean our full home, on new year eve we use pomelo leaves 🍃to take bath, remove all bad and negativity of last year.

      We bring orchid flowers and other flowers, fruits, nuts and plants.

      1 st day of year :- we offer candles, incenses sticks, sweets, turnip cake , flowers to our kitchen god. Some people wait week together to put first incense stick in Wong Tai Sin temple most auspicious place in hong kong.

      My uncle ( father side) was working in police , others were in army ( mother side) we pray Guan Yu “god of war “, he is god of protection during war time , we offer Tangerine, apples, pomelo, candies , sweet , candles , incenses sticks , rice wine or vinegar , rice and veggie to him.

      Full year prayers for protection, we burn the things to bring prosperity to us whole year.

      Watermelon seeds, lotus sweets , turnip cakes and others sweets are ate by everyone in home.

      2 nd day we go to prayers and go to relatives home, with baskets of fruits, candies and

      3 rd day we start giving red pocket to people , security people of building, sweeping ladies, colleagues, friends and children to bring good luck and wealth to all.

      4th day it is a bit silent as number 4 is not regard as auspicious number and day in Chinese calendar.

      Rest is all about eat and enjoy good food , praying to lord.

      If anyone is having no harmony and going sick, often we go to lord ask for full year protect , before the year end we have to offer him thanks for protecting our family, friends and love once.

      Actually every home pray differently.
      This is Little life of hong kong.

      God bless all, wish everyone have harmony, joy , good health and wealth this year.

      Thank you so much for reading my blog , it make me feel so special always.
      Lucky to know you all.

      Best regards, sks

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