Jobs loyalty

Good Morning dear,

“Jobs Loyalty” matters at the end of the day, the distinction between “active role” and “stand still role” determine team head to make the right decision to carry on the same routine for an individual working in any sector.

Your decision and attitude makes a difference to the organisation as well long term recognition to your career.

Hassle free , allowing wrong decision to realise under your supervision or negligence it only impact your handling in future.

Growth with trust, i am there with you.

Thank you so much sharing your time reading my blog, i highly appreciate it .

Have a nice day.

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  1. Abirbhav says:

    Loyalty is very much essential, but loyalty comes for a price, as is with other things in the world. And the price these days is not always monetary.
    1. Job skill – Duties given should be matched. Else the employee feels disconnected with the Company or the role.
    2. Incentivize productivity: A concept desperately lacking in India. If a person is able to complete a job in lesser time, which others take more to complete, then better to either incentivize the person or don’t make life hell for him/her by giving more work beyond his/her capacity. That will create an unproductive employee.
    3. Empowerment: A word which remains largely in HR jargons only, not on the ground. That doesn’t mean the employee should be made the CEO. That only means that Management must allow employees to take charge of the job they are doing, if the management wants accontability. Without empowerment, no accountability can ever come for the company.
    4. Work-Life balance: Related to efficiency. Overworking yields absolutely no benefit. No country has ever become developed due to 100 or 80 hours work weeks. Work stress related diseases, physical or psychological, are attacking even young people. India seems to be badly suffering from such issues. No wonder employee loyalty goes for a toss.
    I can think of these 4 presently. Would love to hear your views as well..

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    1. sk8sandhu says:

      Good afternoon dear sir,

      Let me explain to you, how top management person work, if you ever went for interview their is a question they ask?

      how you see your future in next five years means you must prepared there will be a-lot of challenges ahead of you.

      I will discuss about myself not others , it is real me :-

      My profession as Personal Assistant , than within six month, i was promoted as customer service, finally sales and marketing person, as i was only person who speak english , cantonese and other languages , my work load was very high and stressful , to drink a glass of water i have no time , my general manger or others in office even CEO will bring coffee (tea time) because i i work non stop , my motive was to bring more business to company, because it’s growth is going to be our success .

      I Alone handle 100s of clients including china,
      One direct lines one extension line non stop ringing every min.

      I cannot complain because i understand they cannot speak languages and things has to be done on time.

      I am very much concern on time management .

      Those days my working hours starts from per contract 09: 30 am until 6 pm but i will be in office 7am until 11:30pm to 12 am at night.
      My boss comes to office 6:30 am sit until 10 pm.

      I , worked for almost dead clients (organisation) where there is no hopes almost to bankruptcy and give them life. Market their products and services.

      It is individual believe and working attitude, i did get into stress problem but i never give up as weekend , i spend time with my mother, father and sister to relax, cook food, go walking in park with my father because week days i am very busy at work, so i balance my life myself.

      If i ever want to go oversea trip or vacation, it was impossible because my boss call comes saying Wendy god sake stay back, we need you, things need to be done on time clients are waiting , years i never took break or vacations.

      To become successful in life , you have scarify alot , it is not words but action with performance , matter the most in life.

      If you are outstanding person at work , any job and company can pick you because i was one good explain for it.

      So work stress i agree with you , being senior, i guide you , when you pick up a job make your home work 100% .

      Question yourself :

      are you able to take this pressure or not environment is friendly or not ?

      understanding between every staff is there or not ?

      if not, my advise please go search another job because there you will not have bright future.

      Loyal comes from understanding of situation, everyone is different and all can take stress in life.

      This comments are my experience in real life.

      Thank you so much
      Ms SK

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      1. Abirbhav says:

        Dear Madam

        Thank you for sharing your personal experience and views. Brings an opportunity to learn what others have to say. Being a senior, I would look forward to learning more from you and understand your point of view of things.

        I have been promoted within 1 year of joining, that is, in this year itself. So there is no denying the importance of work, anywhere in life, and the results do speak about work output quality.

        Having said that, no work is big enough to demand the sacrifice of one’s life, dreams, health, friends or family. As you have said, you try to spend time with your family, which is appreciable.

        It is true that everyone can take different stress levels. But no one has infinite capacity in that matter.

        It is laudable that you have done so much for the Company. You chose to take the stress which might come up and have successfully absorbed the stress.

        But that comes at a cost.

        Many people do work more, but end up getting broken relationships or bad health in return.

        Please allow me to quote some data regarding the same.

        Data from Indian Heart Association shows 25% increase in heart diseases for Indians below 40. A 2018 Cigna TTK report shows 95% of Indian millennials showing high work stress levels. Indian millennials have reported to have the longest working hours as per ManpowerGroup 2016 survey.
        (I tried to share the link as well, but WordPress is not allowing that)

        A question which comes up is what’s the benefit of all these?
        Did such millennials become millionaires? No
        Did India become the technical or management superpower? Again No.

        An analogy can be drawn from the working of a machine. The machines you might use at home or in office need maintenance, consumables and power.

        It thus doesn’t take rocket science to connect the dots.

        In no way does this mean that one doesn’t want to work hard.

        But it only means that a proper environment conducive to hard work must be created. It goes without saying that a well oiled frictionless machine works better than a non-maintained one.

        And now, all this stress boils down to affecting the loyalty. More than half of Indian workforce wishes to switch jobs within the next 12 months and surprisingly, money is not always the driving factor over here. Hence clearly, something is amiss.

        As you have rightly pointed out, work environment is a crucial factor to determine loyalty. I agree with you. I was just trying to put forth one aspect which determines the environment of work.

        The previous comment of mine was also based on personal experiences which I gathered post working for several years.

        Thank you once again for such an elaborate and thought provoking view. It was good to learn about your experience, for which you clearly have worked so hard. I would be happy to learn more.

        Warm regards,

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      2. sk8sandhu says:

        Good day dear Abirbhav,

        Actually reading your message remain me my past very much, when i was young , always energetic eager to know all, what and why will be question mark in mind, sometimes in conscious world other times sub conscious .

        A relationship broke up because of work , means better understand, it was never true relationship itself in the first place .
        Good break up earlier because after marriage divorce compensation is very higher in India.

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      3. sk8sandhu says:

        Good day dear Abirbhav,

        To be cont …

        I am glad to learn you got promoted within a year, i am happy for you.

        Now let me start discussion about Indian Heart Association data shown 25% increase in heart disease for Indians below figure are not right it is more than that, i will explain you by using health diet – why heart attack happens :-

        Our Eating habits matters:-

        This message will be very long, sorry.

        The higher percentage of people are vegan in India , they never touch meat not even eggs right. If is all fine what is substitute food you will in take daily, to maintain good health .

        Every morning having coffee or tea with a toast or wheat roti even potato bread not healthy at all. Cause diabetes, cancer and nerve disorders.

        Heart diseases comes due to hyper acidity food , when you cook lentils, how many of you, will sequence lime to it , very rare females use lime to lentils because none aware lentils can cause acidity to some people. Cannot absorb protein , need lime for it.

        Frying food most dangerous cause cardiovascular disease. High cholesterol values, raised apolipoprotein (a) raised homocysteine.

        You need antioxidants in the diet, blood levels,of vitamins A,C, and E and the carotenoids ( lutein, zeaxanthin ,beta crytoxanthin and alphacarotene ) are associated with less progression to arterial plaque, wheat and many other create plaque which block arteries and can lead to heart attacks and strokes. Gluten products cause high mucus within the body. Once you have Sinus means you are having heart problem already.

        Right food diet is a must:- work cause stress but make sure you eat right food to overcome it too, high magnesium food : Sesame milk , no animal milk please as it cause various bacteria and virus within the body , which not to be seen until your organ is in the final stages failures means 50% damaged or more.

        Omega 3 fatty acids, as help to keep heart healthy,

        Tomatoes many added to chickpeas but they never add parsley and lime , it is a must, to it. some states in India eat chickpeas with tea cooked, along wheat serving , that is direct cancer food .

        Fry food from road side, you never knew which water they use to prepare the main sauces, it is highly harmful to health.
        They body and hand are never cleaned, how one can eat their food . Take the liquid for testing lab you will find billions of bacteria inside it.

        Using computer for long hours having radiation but solution is in your kitchen Boil clove water and drink daily it is remove radiation and kill worms inside stomach and alkaline.

        Everyone of us is having responsibility towards our own health never depend on anyone, because life belong to you, you have change for yourself not for others.

        Spinach which known as Saag in India cause typhoid if it is not clean properly as it carry E coli , you have soak and clean with hing or baking soda to remove those germs before cooking.

        Cotton seeds oil, where many if the snacks are cooked it cause navel disease and other diseases.

        So it is a long way to explain each and every commodities because alot of home work need to be done to become perfect health advisory .

        My request, after seeing my this reply, please ask people around to change diet , not to eat too spicy food and stay healthy.

        Thanking you
        Ms SK

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      4. Abirbhav says:

        Dear Madam

        Thank you for such an enlightening post about the need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

        Indians however are mostly vegans as you have rightly pointed out, unlike others. So on one aspect, Indians are doing good.

        Undoubtedly, eating habits, among many others, also play a role towards triggering or stopping heart attacks.

        Thank you for mentioning about a lot of useful information about further improving one’s eating habits. A lot of new stuff to learn.

        Thanks and Regards

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      5. sk8sandhu says:

        Good evening dear Abirbhav,

        I , just informed to make sure everyone is healthy in their place because life is once,
        there is not take two and U turn for anyone of us.

        I, wish everyone learn to change adapt new things because we are responsible for our own health.

        Thank you so much for giving your precious comments on my articles.

        Best regards,
        Ms SK

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