Bell Pepper Soup- Gastric Problem

Good morning dear,

Learning to become a healthy person, our health is the most important part of our life , sometimes we go sick , keep visiting doctors repeatedly, eating medicines on times but still stomach pain and bloating appears, it causes uncomfortableness:- short breath and unable walk.

Today i will be sharing with you “Bell Pepper Soup recipes” , we sisters start this research from “Russian Cabbage Soup” , as we noted some people are not able digest cabbage reason it can gastric and stomach bloating.

We try learn bell pepper soup by mix and match of Russian soup💞

4 -5 Olive Oil tablespoon

1 big purple onion

50grams cherry Tomatoes,or 3 big tomatoes

2 Bell pepper

1 small cabbage

Salt ( according to your taste)


1) Cut the onions into small pieces,

2) Soak cherry tomatoes into hot water, and cut tomatoes in pieces.

3) Cut bell pepper into small pieces and soak them for ten mins.

💁‍♀️Cabbage, it taste amazing lovely.

Remember to soak them first, boil for 10 minutes minimum, strain the water of the cabbage, blending the cabbage with hot water⭐️4-5 glasses no vegetable broth required.

Take a pan, put 4-5 olive oil, stir fry purple onion until it is light brown , add bell pepper salt and cut tomatoes, cook it well, Add cabbage juice which (4-5 glasses) as shown above.. allow it cook for 15 -20mins- low flame.

I wonderful side dish which help you to get a relief from gastric, heart problem and thyroid problem, it is very lovely , as i really thankful to Russian due them we learn many new recipes, and by the way i love it “Russian Cabbage Soup” and “bell pepper soup” twice a week , stomach all alignment will be healed without any medicines.

If you are eating western medicines , gastric problem will appear, so please try this recipes in your home.

❤️Surely you can add black pepper to it dear

Love you , have a wonderful day.

Copyright SKS2019🇭🇰HKG

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  1. Very nice info. Thank you

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    1. sk8sandhu says:

      Good morning dear, thank you so much people are suffering so learn and change things for everyone good health.

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    1. sk8sandhu says:

      Good afternoon dear, please if you add cabbage it is iodine , excellent taste .
      Heal ulcer and other problem in stomach.
      Thank you so much for giving me such a respect. Sks

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