Nose Pain Relief

Good evening dear,

Today, i will discussing about nose pain and headache which happens to me very often, make me face nightmare reason is spectacle, i have been wearing them from many years , it is part of me. Last two days all of sudden headache started, i was wondering , if it is sinus or migraine?

Drink herb tea , took medicines nothing worked on me, finally i decide to put ice cubes on my nose, kept for 15 mins , headache and nose pain reduced immediately.

If you are wearing spectacle, there will be always a pressure created around your nasal bone, eye will be tried. Kindly do this remedy,

It helps to release the pain.

Ice is best healing for any sort of pain even for internal bleeding or feet injury.

I hope my this article could help you.

I , sincerely thankful to you all, sharing your precious time reading my blog.

Copyright SKSandhu2019

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