Marco economic – Understanding the difference between cause and effect of the currency.

Good morning dear friends, Present market situation embrace uncertainty and changes, many things affects our business’s ability to negotiate with our clients. There is no stable currency’s, lack of cooperation between the countries, politically our international currency systems is collapsing because of rapid changes in the country policy are “dig and drag” the payments ofContinue reading “Marco economic – Understanding the difference between cause and effect of the currency.”

Happy Easter

Good afternoon friends, Holidays ahead, wishing everyone of you happy easter, lord bless you. My handmade easter eggs , simplicity with love is my lord in heaven, with the bliss of lord is the day of glory , no need to find difference in day and night . With love to all Thank you soContinue reading “Happy Easter”

Mission Statements

Good morning dear friends:- Life is a mirror image rule , misrepresentation can cause huge damages. Mitigation is to find correct direction and recorrect your vision as loop holes need to patch up by one self not by others. Right Action with Right Words Matter the Most A reasonable person acts sensibly, Selling the voiceContinue reading “Mission Statements”