Marco economic – Understanding the difference between cause and effect of the currency.

Good morning dear friends,

Present market situation embrace uncertainty and changes, many things affects our business’s ability to negotiate with our clients.

There is no stable currency’s, lack of cooperation between the countries, politically our international currency systems is collapsing because of rapid changes in the country policy are “dig and drag” the payments of many businesses globally.

These factors are affecting indirectly and directly victimising many business worldwide.

Creating Value for the Currency :-

The Initiatives to implement new principle by the higher political body of the country, keeping their core interest as priority.

“These measures for self growth” while neglecting other countries “wants and needs”, many are become drifter without having any clear vision about their own career.

These behaviours cause uncertainty in the international market , driving away “World’s First Currency USD” , due to various reasons.

Payment delay by correspondent banks, without giving any clear clarification on why holding their payment while they have no criminal records. no proper channel for investigation itself.

These are the reason where the values and creditability of currency diminish in the international market.

None to be blame, it has been carrying on for last many years as many get victimise by it

Self-righteous person acts as superior is good and bad both because some decision were taken in wrongly without thinking the benefits and growth of others.

Lack of focus to create currency value in proper mannerisms.

Fundamental strategy only can be achieve if you bring flexibility with growth to all individual body with same goals.

Inspiring the actions are required by leading to appropriately directions for others.

Making value creation centre needs value created people with same mission to meet the targets and objection the global community in general.

Hoping one day they can sit and seriously discuss these issues in coming G20 or other meeting, it is becoming highly essential in our present business community .

Thank you so much for sharing your valuable time with me here, i highly appreciate it.

Best regards

Ms.K. S. – Director

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  1. Aphadolie says:

    Hello Hong Kong,

    Un petit bonjour de Paris où il est 05:45 AM en espérant que vous allez bien.

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    1. sk8sandhu says:

      bonjour chère france,

      reportage hong kong, je vais bien,
      j’espère que tu vas très bien aussi.

      Merci beaucoup pour le message moi. Cordialement, SK


      1. Aphadolie says:

        Bonne journée sk8sandhu

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      2. sk8sandhu says:

        pareil à toi cher, Merci Beaucoup , SK8sandhu


  2. Loads of troubles with USD I beteer avoid it and choose local currency always at payment options.

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    1. sk8sandhu says:


      I am so confuse myself as getting victimise by them too frequently . I think lack of communication in between the policy maker and banker ,hope they change.

      Thank you so much for sharing your view with us.
      Best regards, SK


      1. sk8sandhu says:


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