Dead Pig found in Hong Kong outlying Island

Good afternoon dear friends,

This year there was a dead pig found on an outlying island in Hong Kong, it concern over African swine fever epidemic in asian countries . Hong Kong Agriculture, Fisheries and conservation department (AFCD) informed pig was sent to Tai Lung Veterinary Laboratory in Sheung Shui for testing.

Government later informed the carcass tested negative for African Swine Fever.

Today , infected pig are big concern for many people in Hong Kong, this is a city were vast number of pigs are consumed , not only for eating but offering to ancestors on Ching Ming Festival and to the Hungry Ghost.

Whenever you found ghost haunting you here, they light candles, incense sticks offer them of some food including pigs, with hell currency so that they go back to hell , not to come on earth to disturb others .

Offering pig it is sign of hell prayers, as heaven prayers they offer fruits and vegetables mostly Buddhist.

My believe to win trust of customers buying back the pig for eating or offering to hell, please make sure it is good quality as it is a mark of respect to all who passed away.

I don’t eat meat at all , so less problem for me🤗. Written this for people who eat pig daily.

Thank you so much or sharing your time with me, have a nice weekend.

Best regards,


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  1. I agree with you. Go vegan. I am myself trying my best.

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    1. sk8sandhu says:

      Good day dear, life is all faith trust to god, be vegan is good as lord eat same food,


  2. Aphadolie says:

    Cet animal est vecteur de nombreuses maladies.

    Soyez vigilants.

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