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Good Morning Dear Friends,

Amazing news, the plant which was first discovered in 1970s, scientist unable to give them name, due to its unique quality.

Finally scientists given exquisite and unique bust tomato species, native to the remote Australian outback, an official Name “Solanum Plastisexum”.

This fluidity of this flower forms differently, during different research and surveys. Most fabulous part about this plant appeared to be both male, female or bisexual.

The Professor of biology “Mr Chris Martine” at Bucknell University informed, this plant species will stick to one primary and predictable type of sexual expression, why this plant became so outstanding, highly appreciated by our society today .

It is one of a just a few plants that carry out this activities positively.

New DNA analysis of the bush tomato plant confirmed that the different sexual iterations of plant comprised the same species-one yet to be named in the scientific literature.

This name is not just a reflection of diversity of sexual form seen in this species, it is given in written formation.

Today it ‘s recognition” the plant is a model for the sexual fluidity” which is present across the world . It is sort of reproductive form one can say, within the constraints of plant development Presently.

😊For me i am lover of all types flowers, plants, tree research, it is my individual personal passion.

Where it came from, how it is maintain and what is property and benefits., how it can help man kind.

I, believe nature given us so much, yet we have to explore it.

With Love and Care to All!

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Happy Sunday!

Best regards,

Ms SK – CNS & ANS.

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  1. Katherine says:

    Hmm, nice flower, dear blogger.
    Did not know about this before.

    Thank you for sharing! 🙂 💗

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    1. sk8sandhu says:

      Good day dear, you are very interesting lady in deed i like reading, collecting and sharing information with you , i like you.

      Thank you so much ,
      happy Sunday,
      best regards,

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      1. Katherine says:

        Aww, you are too sweet for saying this.
        Thank you for everything.
        I really like reading your posts and appreciate your kindness.


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      2. sk8sandhu says:

        Good afterno

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      3. sk8sandhu says:

        Good afternoon dear, i am small lady, sharing happiness with all, thank you so much for your messages, have a nice days, best regards, sk

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