Dry River-Collect Rain Water Produces.

Good evening dear friends,

Water scarcity causing huge damages in our surrounding, many countries are not having proper organise systemic structure for water, these problems can be control.

Everyone have their own way of understand the problem, but none is bring in new initiatives, to solve the problem.

As per me :- dry lakes or rivers, please take this opportunity to clean them first. Remove all the bacteria, viruses and rubbish from it.

When light is dim, there is always a hope, once rain fall those place will be having enough of water, which will be more clean.

Please watch this website, it help you make a better tomorrow for yourself, by sitting at home.


Consider this new motive as part of your life.

Never store the rain water in tin or metal due to it cause toxin . ☠️

Clean the environment now.

Thank you so much for sharing your time with me.

Best regards,

Ms. SK

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