Law and Ordinance


Good Afternoon Dear Friends,

What is law exactly?

Law is important part of our life , maintain moral principle in life and society in general is a must for a country.

Any crime you do , you must understand the consequences is going to be bad towards worst for you, could damage your career forever.

Law is not just a rote exercise, it is not just about learning the rules but public have to follow law of action and law of principle to maintain peace and harmony in society.

Maintenance of Public Order and Safety

The law is often regarded as a critical part of the “glue” that holds the fabric of society together, which protects us from the risks of social disorder and anarchy.

The criminal law, in particular, is important in this respect, since it defines those behaviours which are regarded as sufficiently antisocial or potentially damaging to the public good to be outlawed and punishable by the state.

At the same time, there is a real risk that the state itself can use the law to legitimate its rule and to suppress dissent by force.

This abuse of law can be seen in many repressive regimes, and it is therefore considered important that political and legal authority.

The state are kept reasonably separate and subject to a range of checks and balances, for example by ensuring that lawyers , the police and courts are independent of executive government .

Damaging public property is a crime too, it can cause you huge in return by you to compensate or prison.

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