Female Weight Management and Dress Code

Good morning dear friends,

Every morning have a practice of reading news , what is happening in our world.

It is good to put a pause and start thinking about these articles , make me wonder why so?

Being Female , i am always very concern about my out look , wearing must be with (Dress Code) and first impression .

I have been working in corporate firms for more than 25 years , with different community people(English, Chinese, French, German, American, African, Japanese, Italian and others).

Every office have dress code, skirt/Pant ,shirt and coat , because we represent our company, and the impression to company clients matter the most.

Elegance is necessary in business environment , it is a creditability to company and yourself.

Professional office dress code i wear everyday , it is a must. Moreover To be honest it not easy task to maintain good body shape as per me.

I have been always choosing the right food to gain full nutrients and energy to work. Without gaining weight.

Daily meeting and coming back office it is very much stressful, you must have your electrolyte balance, especially in summer.

I drink ginger tea in office.

I eat salmon , prawn veggie, 5 tablespoon of rice , rye bread and fruits .

I never touch fried food , soft drinks, ice creams, chips cheat treat once in a month.

Weight is control by your diet, if you over weight unable to reduce , please consult your doctor , check are you hypothyroidism.

Example my height : 5.45 feet , my doctor advise me not to gain more than 58-63 kgs.and i have kept same until present date (61kgs).

Please Stop eating white bread, sweet dishes and reduce down carbohydrate products, mind me not saying this coconut oil to be stop, because you are over weight and insulin is not balance, heart arteries can be blocked for over weight people.

Doctor inform diet plan for diabetes patient who are over weight, no coconut oil as some females are having hypothyroidism with fatty liver.

❤️The best option is olive oil.

🤔Not even peanut can cause allergy.

Good health makes you look pretty from inside out.

Please try to reduce weight , incase you are over weight start now with diet .

Avoid diseases.

Thank you so much,

Best regards,

Ms. SK

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