Our Life Identity

Good Evening dear friends,

These days, i was busy reading a book , numerous questions came in my mind.

One of the question is how to define identity?

“The Voice of life ” and “The Voice of dead”

People may be under the oppression of death an not even realised it, because they have never known life without it.

There are indicators in adult life that reveal this oppression. If there is an oppression of death in your life, you can look back over your life, and see a pattern of “near death” accidents or illnesses.

Another indicator is an obsession with death, i.e. frequently thoughts of death or dying or repeated nightmares about death or dying .

Oppression to hear the “voice of death”suicide is under severe stress.

This may manifest either as a fleeting thought or dream, or by driving compulsion.

There are two types of suicide can be active or passive.

Active suicide is a conscious, premeditated attempt to take your own life by your own hand.

Passive suicide is not caring if you live or die which can cause you to be careless and loss your life through an avoidable accident .

The voice of death can be seductive , deceiving even others.

Some people are mentally very weak, anyone say anything to them immediately they will start having mind for active suicide.

Before you start this very action please listen to my true advise about life:-

When we are born on this earth, lord in heaven never given us any name, identity and tag to us .

What all the names are given by our family and those are not created by lord in heaven.

Lord in heaven have created us as human being , there is only two types of human in this world, one is good and another is bad.

Good means angelic power and bad means demon/sant power.

From ancient time until present there is a strong fight between sant and god.

we human are in between this very segment of life.

There are some people born earth to serve the lord in heaven , and some are born with sant power , whatever they see or touch it will be destruction mode of the surrounding and themselves.

If someone say anything to you about your life, your name or tag you for something, keep lord in your mind,remember he is universal power until present human cannot reach him as his supreme power is not so easy for human to touch.

God created life with our soul its power which neither require materialistic identity.

Creator manifest cannot be destructed with death.

Never ever allow others to rule over your body, mind and heart.

Pray lord , to get strength to face to see the truth of life with your own eyes.

Love lord in heaven!

Thank you so much for sharing your time with me .

Best regards,

Ms. SK

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