The Galaxy – So Far

Good afternoon dear friends,

Our galaxy have many mystery which is unfold , we as human being do our research on daily basis. The stars appear to be located on a sphere distant from Earth. With only the constellations visible that appear opposite the Sun ( on the night side) . Until present we are uncertain if stars and Sun rotate around the Earth daily.

The Sun, Moon and Stars appears in sky. Are they moving invisibly sphere rotating around our world. Actually is our world “Earth” which rotates, if forces clearly when it morning in east, and same time it night in west.

The fixed stars return to same position , night after night, relatives to one another, but the Sun and Moon are not fix. The moon ‘s shift were the most notable, even more than the Sun’s.

If you ever decide to measure the Moon’s position one night at a specific time, and then look for it at the same exact time on the next day, you would find the position have shifted by twelve degrees(12 deg) or roughly amount of space between your index and little finger, if you throw heavy metal horns with your arm extended. (This symbol used by many football players unknowingly).

The Sun’s position shifts a little bit each day, which is why the positions of the visible stars shift ever so slightly from night to night.

On average the sky is off by just one degree from one night to the next if you mark position at the same time on successive nights.

There is a lot to explore about the galaxy.

The moon appears full like a circle roughly in two weeks time. Which we call as “Waxing Moon”, it does not remain same after few days slowly by slowly it partially becomes dark , emptying out. , that is the time when we start to saying it is ” Waning Moon”.

The sun and the moon’s motions must be independent than others, as their position change relative to all the other bodies. Which is fixed in the sky.

The moon passes in front of the star, blocking its light. Known as Occultation .Not many aware about it, One cannot imagine the inter relationship between Sun, Moon, Stars and Earth is how deep.

Thank you so much for sharing your time with me, i will come back again next time-(Sun, Moon, Stars and Earth).

Best regards,

Ms. SK

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    1. sk8sandhu says:

      Dear , i am doing research on it, thank you so much, sk


  1. Kally says:

    Love this post! I’ve always wonder about our galaxy and whats out there.

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    1. sk8sandhu says:

      Good evening dear, yes me too i am reading and searching on it, what all we have in galaxy, may be one day we will get to know more about it . thank you so much for it dear . Ms SK

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