Cocaine Lay down to Devastation

Good evening dear,

The journey through dark night for many young generation.

Despite all these guideline and health education given to many young children still we are seeing higher numbers of students and children are consuming Cocaine or other drugs.

For children who believe in daily rush of euphoria comes from Cocaine or other drugs, it is totally brain washed by others.

Many these children are not having clear mental and physical health, whatever others tell them to do , they do the same as mind is under the control of these drugs.

They can makes wrong choice, doing criminal act, bring violence in the stable economy, very aggressive attitude towards others.

In my opinion these are sickly children, who carry out action without thinking the consequences,

The reality and illusory world are vastly different, these notion they could never understand as mind disability .

When a normal person see such situation, my request is to stay calm and not to get aggressive mode due to their actions, it is very tough , i know but remember these calmness can bring the life back on track.

Life action must be considered thrice , develop a healthy life style rather than suffering in near future.

Thank you so much for sharing your time with me.

Best regards,


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  1. Samyak Singh says:

    Wrong choices once made haunt us for life…what a great read this was..😊😊💙💙

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    1. sk8sandhu says:

      Good evening dear, worrying part is today generation not many understanding value of life snd time management, thank you so much for sending me your nice moments, highly appreciate it, have a nice day, best regards, sk


      1. Samyak Singh says:

        Indeed and this totally depends on youth to eradicate it completely…

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      2. sk8sandhu says:

        Yes , agreeable with you, but some children really never use brain at all that is the biggest problem these days. Tysm sk

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      3. Samyak Singh says:

        Obviously these days due to ignorance…


  2. Aphadolie says:

    Bonjour sk8sandhu,

    J’espère sincèrement que le calme reprenne le dessus sur votre ville car vivre ainsi ce n’est pas facile…


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    1. sk8sandhu says:

      ma chérie,

      il se trouve à seulement vingt minutes de chez moi, un peu tendu ces jours-ci, honnêtement, nous ne sommes pas habitués à ce type de bruit, mais je crois que les choses vont bientôt redevenir normales.
      Merci beaucoup sk

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      1. Aphadolie says:

        J’espère pour vous car c’est stressant et angoissant de vivre ainsi.

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      2. sk8sandhu says:

        cher, c’est vraiment très stressant, mais on arrête d’aller où que ce soit pour rester à la maison. merci beaucoup, sk

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      3. Aphadolie says:

        C’est plus prudent en effet.

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      4. sk8sandhu says:

        oui chérie, je reste très prudent, merci beaucoup de m’envoyer un message chéri. Sk🤗✍🏻

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      5. Aphadolie says:

        Chérie en français est pour une femme dont les liens sont très proches (intimes).

        Souvent le problème avec Google Translate.

        Pour moi, tu peux dire ‘mon cher’ si tu veux. Cela passe très bien en français…

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      6. sk8sandhu says:

        cher, mon téléphone change de mots, à cause de la version anglaise, ne me dérange pas, désordre je sais. merci beaucoup, sk

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      7. Aphadolie says:

        Idem pour moi. Ne t’inquiète pas, aucun soucis pour moi.

        C’est juste si tu écris à quelqu’un d’autre en français.

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      8. sk8sandhu says:

        chérie, parfois c’est une insulte, je me sens tellement, désolé pour ça.

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      9. Aphadolie says:

        Ce n’est pas une insulte mais c’est ce que dit un mari à se femme : ‘Ma chérie” et sa femme peut lui dire ‘mon chéri’.

        Cela peut également faire partie du langage familier des parents à leurs enfants, etc….. Mais cela n’a pas le même sens.éri_chérie/15145


      10. sk8sandhu says:

        Yes dear, i agree with you as fact i seen on french learning books , learning myself , those are different 😀 than internet 😀 sk

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      11. Aphadolie says:

        Tu te débrouilles déjà très bien.


  3. jesusluvsall says:

    There are so many traps young people and adults can fall into in this world. So important to pray for children, set a good example, and foster open communication. 🙂

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  4. Very sad but true… We are falling in deep pit.

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