Factors affecting climates oe

Good morning dear friends, Globally we are having various topic related to climate changes. There are many factors affecting the temperature of a place, including latitude , distance from the sea, the nature of nearby ocean currents, altitudes , dominant winds, cloud cover and aspect. Differences in pressure systems also affect whether it is rainContinue reading “Factors affecting climates oe”

Right Food To Improve Health

Good morning dear friends, A balance diet is the main cornerstone of a healthy life. Good nutrition can prevent many diseases. We enjoying longer life spans than ever before, but the payback is that we need to stay healthier for longer. Food to feed the soul, food has a unique role to play in nurturingContinue reading “Right Food To Improve Health”

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

Good Morning Dear Friends , Today is ” Mid Autumn Festival” celebration of moon with lights , here i would like to greet everyone around the global ” Happy Mid Autumn Festival”, may this festival bring you good luck , happiness, wisdom and prosperity 2019. Not to forget to eat ” Moon Cake” to bringContinue reading “Happy Mid Autumn Festival”

Handmade Dolls

Good morning dear friends, Often one of the first toys a child receives is special baby doll. It bonds parents and a child forever. Many adults these days purchase dolls to decorate the home. Today, i am sharing with you our different designs for 80+ projects size “11” Baby Dolls , under the company nameContinue reading “Handmade Dolls”