Handmade Dolls

Good morning dear friends,

Often one of the first toys a child receives is special baby doll. It bonds parents and a child forever.

Many adults these days purchase dolls to decorate the home.

Today, i am sharing with you our different designs for 80+ projects size “11” Baby Dolls , under the company name Yuri Zuru International Hong Kong.

Business Registration Number: 56560795-000-05-19-3.

We sisters , learned cooking, stitching and knitting from Secondary 1 until Secondary 3, in our home economic classes, every week we have something new to learn, cooking, knitting or stitching.

Our project is to bring something creative into the market which handmade by us , we never used sewing machine , every doll is cleaned with anti bacteria wipes, the clothes is cleaned before stitching and with different laces .

I, believe life is about debouch creation of your own talent.

Visit our website :


We used organic fabrics🌹✍🏻

I, wish you visit my website and like our projects “baby dolls”. 🌳

All rights reserved by our company.

copyright@yurizuru 2019

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