Right Food To Improve Health

Good morning dear friends,

A balance diet is the main cornerstone of a healthy life. Good nutrition can prevent many diseases.

We enjoying longer life spans than ever before, but the payback is that we need to stay healthier for longer.

Food to feed the soul, food has a unique role to play in nurturing ourselves and our family. Unfortunately food is often becoming hazardous to ourselves by eating disorders.

The option we have in our basket will be medicines which have side effects to our body.

Why not learn to change your diet according to your age.

Food which we eat in our young age was easy to digest those days, but when we get older more healthy food .

We require to boost our energy – nutrients, minerals and vitamins is a must (everyday).

Many People complaining about depression and anxiety these days despite there is not age ratio to be taken in account for such sickness.

This problem of depression is minerals, there is evidence that zinc deficiency cause depression.

People who are vegan can face this problems , zinc play a very important part in our body system.

Which products provide High Zinc:

Lean Meat, Liver, Fish, Nuts, Seeds, Oyster, Eggs, Chickpeas and wholegrain. Selenium has been mooted as a possible mood mineral because it support thyroid function.

Here i am sharing other information relates to Protein:

Your body use it to build your muscles and organs, deliver oxygen to cells all over your body, and keep your immune system working.

Most people should get at least 10% of their daily calories from protein. That’s about 56 grams for a man (based on 2,000 calories a day) and 46 grams for a woman (1,800 calories a day).

Meat is a good source, but you shouldn’t overdo it, especially the fatty kind. It can make you gain weight and lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other health problems.

You can get protein from other foods, too, like yogurt, eggs, beans, and even vegetables. In fact, veggies can give you all you need as long as you eat different kinds and plenty of them. 

Steam them with nothing but a sprinkling of salt for a protein-packed snack: up to 22 grams per cup. That’s about what you’d get from a 6-ounce serving of chicken breast.

A half-cup of cooked lentils has 9 grams of protein. Cook them with caramelized onions and wild mushrooms for a meat-like texture (without the meat).

Sugar Snap PEAS
They have about 5 grams of protein per cup. Stir-fry them with some tempeh, onions, and hot peppers for a spicy vegetarian feast that’s protein-packed. 

A large baked potato has about 8 grams of protein. But watch the butter and sour cream — they can pile on the fat and calories. Try it with some chili made with low-fat ground turkey or tofu crumbles instead. And add lots of beans to that chili for an even bigger protein hit. Sweet Potatoes are amazing .

Broccoli RABE
It has more than 3 grams of protein per serving. Sautee it with some garlic and onions for a great side dish that goes with just about anything.

White Mushrooms 
A cup of cooked white mushrooms has about 3.5 grams of protein. Sautee them with garlic and chili flakes, and mix with pasta for a traditional Italian treat. These mushrooms need to be soak two hours in advance to remove all sort of bacteria and virus from it.

A dab of butter and a sprinkle of salt and you have a yummy summer side. One large ear has almost 4 grams of protein. Corn is not advisable for diabetes person.

The easiest way to have this is to boil one whole and sprinkle it with salt. You can drizzle a little butter or olive oil as well if you like. It’s simple and delicious and has about 3.5 grams of protein. Artichoke is very healthy food for diabetes person.

These tiny cabbages pack 2 grams of protein into each half cup. Roast them with onions and garlic and a little olive oil. You can even add a bit of peas or potatoes for flavor and more protein. This can be ate everyday Sprout on dinning table gives smile to everyone.

Caution:- High potassium can cause health damages so when you eating potassium food add sodium to it , balance both .

The older we are, thyroid is a must to take care as neck pain, bowel system problems wrinkles on neck, upper back pain and leg pain.

It is an indication your magnesium , zinc, with other minerals and vitamins shortage, select right food for good health.

Cook Fresh Food Everyday🤗💞i do why not you🤗

Thank you so much for reading my blog.

Have a nice day.

Best regards


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  1. Very nice. Reblog this link on my web page.

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    1. sk8sandhu says:

      Good afternoon dear, thank you so so much for it, sk


      1. 🌷🌹🙏🌿🌺

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  2. So important the relevance of food and balanced health. It is taken for granted

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    1. sk8sandhu says:

      Good evening dear, yes these days many are suffering i was reading united kingdom book written by health professional and government health department , learn many things from it rest, i study learned and doing cooking myself daily , Fresh food is a must. Thank you so much for reading my blog dear . Sk

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      1. You are welcome. Staying knowledgeable is a must. The food and drug administration is all about money not health so we have to stay in the know

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      2. sk8sandhu says:

        Dear, i can understand you very well, because i face these issues in my home , later i decided to learned everything myself related to food and diet , and help everyone . As food help to maintain good health dear, TYSM sk

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      3. My pleasure. Keep on learning and sharing


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