Factors affecting climates oe

Good morning dear friends,

Globally we are having various topic related to climate changes.

There are many factors affecting the temperature of a place, including latitude , distance from the sea, the nature of nearby ocean currents, altitudes , dominant winds, cloud cover and aspect.

Differences in pressure systems also affect whether it is rain or dry.

As we all know latitude is the most important factor determining temperature , two factors affect the temperature the angle of overhead sun, and the thickness of the atmosphere.

Firstly, at the equator the overhead sun is high in the sky , hence high intensity insolation is received .

Secondly, the thickness of the atmosphere to pass through near the poles , due to its low angle of approach.

Summer:- Sea absorbs heatness slowly in distance from the sea.

Land absorbs heat quickly.

Winter: – Sea loses heat slowly in distance from the sea.

Land loses heat rapidly.

Pressure: Low pressure systems makes air to rise , low pressure produces rain as the air may rise high enough , cool, condense and from clouds and rain.

Heavy rain causes flood, dams are the barrier that holds back water. Dams are mainly used to save , manage and prevent the flow of excess water into specific regions .

Dams and reservoirs are used to increase the capacity of existing reservoirs by extending the height of the dam.

But one point to be noted over flowing of rain water in the reservoirs and dams , cause by flood.

These flood does huge damages ,farms get affected badly , many innocent lost their living.

The proper planing of infrastructure is necessary , making right links between lakes and rivers is required , the correct measurement to be taken in the initial stage.

Never wait until the last minute , when water is over flowing and dam gate open to other states , which is poor planning of infrastructure of countries.

(For countries where the temperature drops to -20,-30 and -40 degrees) your life matters to us, make better living standard for everyone in this world , is our dream.

🤗Be caution while handling ice glaciers.

Thank you so much sharing your time with me.

Best regards,

Ms SK 2019

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