Medicine Baclofen – not for Elderly

Good morning dear friends,

This afternoon, i was reading news,relates to prescribed medication “Baclofen” to elderly for muscle relaxant, unfortunately that have given adverse reaction to many elderly patients.

Elderly patients have low kidney function , this medicine can cause huge kidney problems, which causes patient life span reduction to minimum is highly possible.

The health data shown 16,000 elderly in Ontario residents are suffering chronic kidney disease between the year 2007-2018.

Patient getting confusion being hospitalise for kidney check up due to such a high dose of medication is not suitable for any elderly patient, and even for patient with liver and kidney disorders.

Kidney unable to balance the potassium and sodium, good words fluid balance, such case my request to hospital ( doctors and nurses) please detox those medicines by giving Celery Juice in the morning, because this a vegetable having natural salt , keep elderly body system near to perfect.

Any stomach bloating, gastric problems, liver and kidney malfunction this one glass of Celery Juice morning and night can change these elderly’s life.

Kindly not to have fried food and sweet food stop for some time, once back to normal . No white flour bread at all.

Keep a practice of having luke warm soups of veggies with less salt , you can other substitutes like basil, thyme, caraway seeds, red chilli powder Original not mixed and herbs of your choice which detox and support your kidney system.

I have given this juice to some elderly , so sure about the result, urination increase as it is diuretic and constipation will not happen for elderly at all.

Give a try to natural pain killer and healthy choice of life style, as i understand elderly chronic body pain, causes depression , so why i wrote this message to you .

Bell pepper as a side dish for lunch or dinner is excellent choice for elderly . Have fresh fruits like dragonfruits, 1 apple and berries.

🤗Soft massage to elderly people for their shoulders and back with essential oils so that their pain reduce down. Never used strong force on them.

Before they go to sleep massage their feet.

Make them relax to sleep, slowly they get heal back to normal, i do it why not you!

I wish to help you , so why wrote this message to you all, as i do care you. Love you all.

✍🏻Caution : please not to consume baking soda if your kidney are weak .

Thank you so much

Ms SK Sandhu

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