Cure Body Pain At Home

Good evening dear friends,

These days, we have various complains about high heels, but being professional working in office , dress code is a must, high heel is compulsory , elegance matter the most in the office.

I have been wearing high heels for 25 plus years, it does hurts ,but no choice because being professional working as director, sales and marketing professional, business developer or top management lady. Occasionally we have to visit client’s office.

Honestly, i often get back pain and legs strain , finally visited doctor , he prescribe me “paracetamol or other pain killer”, i ate few times but found nothing improving for me,finally my sister advise me take salt bath. That really helped me , every morning and night take shower with salt.

Lately, she got me “magnesium mineral salt flakes” , that is most effective for me , very relaxing.

My personal experience taking bath or shower twice per day real makes nerves calm and stress free.

You can even soak your feet in warm water adding essential oils and fresh flowers .

Week end do spa at home life will be really wonderful, and your full body have energy.

Try to do this at home, you fall in love with yourself.

Thank you so much

Copyright SK Sandhu 2019

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    1. sk8sandhu says:



    2. sk8sandhu says:

      Dear, i read your post, lovely , thank you so much sk


  1. This is quite amazing. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. sk8sandhu says:

      Good day dear, all my remedies are used by me, fully experimented than share in public. Make sure no side effects which harms the skin or body.
      Thank you so much sk


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