Self Knowledge About Anaesthesia

Good evening dear friends,

Diseases roots comes from anywhere and everywhere these days , difficult to analysis and give accurate information about it.

Daily we have to upgrade our knowledge and try to understand what doctor is explaining to us in general.

Some medicines or injections does have huge side effects on patients. not only allergy reaction but some other health problems might occurs example

Anaesthesia injection is compulsory went taking CT scanning , cleaning teeth (dentist), child birth, or serious cases general anaesthetic is done.

My personal advise if you are diabetes please not to take these injection regularly , it can cause side cause your life.

Please understand anaesthesia is temporary loss of sensation or awareness. When you diabetes neurology disorder will occurs, nerves are weak, blood circulation is slow , to be recovering from such anaesthesia injection , you have boost more zinc , magnesium, copper, calcium, Selenium, potassium protein and sodium . Electrolyte need to be balance on spot.

Start taking these food :

🌺Sesame Pumpkin Flaxseed and Walnut.

🌺Daily have fresh almond milk .

🌺Drink more veggie soup : broccoli, baby Spinach and other green vegetables.

❌Stop acidity and critics fruits

❌Grapefruits, Oranges and Lemons.

❌No to cabbages as some people do have gastric problem, that will trigger the gastric gland , which can become ulcer and damage other stomach alinement .

❌tomatoes must not to be touch as many tomatoes are having toxin .

❌No eggplant , potatoes and beetroot.

❌No to meat and toxin seafood .

This anaesthesia does makes your stomach sensitive,digestive system will be slow, try to eat soft and easy to digest food.

Being diabetes you must not eat grapes because it sparks the blood sugar level.

You can consume one small banana with peanut butter to get protein

Strawberries , blackberries .

Never touch white rice conches because it increase the blood sugar levels too.

Try to cook something healthy , drink warm water, dilute the western medicines or high dosage antibiotics but flushing your organs .

These injections can damage your liver, kidney and heart, couple of days vomiting, low memory, low immunity systems and confusing about the happening to your body.

So please take second opinion from your doctors before taking such a serious decision because you must have strong immunity systems to dissolve these western medicines.

Brilliant doctors aboard gives the patients , two weeks in advance , for the preparation , increase the patients , vitamins, minerals and make sure patient is capable to resistant the side effects of it .

Emergency cases are rare but if you are one among them please take utmost care after the CT scan does have radiation side effect on body at time patient get body swelling , so please stay caution , try to reduce the acidity level in body and mostly properly in liver which cause cute gastric and acid reflux , which causes breathing problem, air passage to blocked like asthma patients .

Drink almond milk daily it is a must.

Drink water .

Thank you so much for reading my blog , hope it help you all as many innocent people knows nothing but suffering daily, my aim is help you all.

This is best food for diabetes patient having water retention cook this food and stay healthy.

Best regards

Copyright SK Sandhu 2019

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