Single Parent – Children are Humble

Good afternoon dear friends,

Today my topic is all about single parents and their children.

My own experience of life , i am confident with my statement , “single parent’s children are brilliant and down to earth most of time”.

Sometimes in life, we must not inconclusive by seeing certain cases where a child becomes aggressive, and blame goes to single parents.

We must not give judgemental statement to the vast community in general, as children aggressiveness are found more in couples at time due to their argumentative environment at home.

Contradict statements are not applicable to all, some individual cases must be kept as exception.

I have fews friends , who are single parents. Their children comes to our home for studies those days.

Today they are highly qualified students from organised University and presently they are ahead for higher education.

We sisters are proud of them.

They are very well manner, loveable and most important very caring nature towards elderly. No drinking, smoking and drug addiction habits until today. They do regular prayers to lord and start their day.

We sisters worked as counselling to children for many years, with our experience we can say , why a child becomes aggressive, behaviour and action are very abusive .

It is not only parents to be blamed , but society does ruin a child, if he/she is good people will try their level best to spoil them, because of jealousy or peer pressure .

Single parent’s child is very sensitive,Ignoring them means their life ahead to darkness forever. Please keep in mind.

If you love them like your own child, he/she will be very obideaant , reporting to you everything happening to them daily.

Small things matters for them, they need love and care, nothing more in life.

Often we question them?

how is your studies , do you need any help ?

They will be very happy, because their heart knew you love and care them truly , they are not alone.

Being adult, we have to responsible towards our behaviours , due to our action are learn and adapt by children. .

So please do love and care every single child .

Happy Saturday!

Thanking you✍🏻💞

Copyright SK Sandhu 2019🌺💞

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  1. Abirbhav says:

    Good evening Madam,

    A wonderful post from you yet again.
    This is quite a sensitive topic though.

    Child care is something which should not be limited to single parents. Every parent should learn about the same.
    – Parents should learn to be responsible and show a non-arrogant behaviour. Children pick up adults’ behaviour quite easily.
    – Small gestures indicating care cannot hurt anyone.
    – Parents need to walk the talk if they are preaching something.
    – Ignoring the children or their actions is wrong.

    As usual, another well researched post from you and yet another topic to learn about.


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  2. sk8sandhu says:

    Good evening dear abirbhav,

    I am so glad to received this comment from you, your responses about parents and children behaviours are very right.

    Sometimes in life parents need to talk to a child .

    Today, i would like to share my life truth with you, my father was very straight person, rules must to be obey in home.

    To reach up to his expectation and get appreication from his mouth , took me 20 years.

    Even i achieve excellent grade in study , sport or at work , he will never praise me.

    He put challenge over challenge on me for everything in my life ,work , study , sports and others. I will never refuse or question him for anything.

    I always proof myself the best in front of him, and he will smile with happiness but never say a word.

    One day, my father hold my hand said, you are my best child and i appreciate your hard work and dedication towards the home and society .

    My tears dropped, father could please tell me why you say these words to me today, when you in the last stage of your life , fews days before your death.

    Why giving me such punishment, his tears dropped saying i wanted you to be perfect in life as tomorrow the day will be starting without me, i prepared you for future.

    You must stay strong and be bold in life , to handle every situation in life .

    Parents create child and prepare them for future.

    Love of parents sometime child will not understand , express in different ways. A child

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  3. sk8sandhu says:

    A child , sometime must learn to sit and talk to parents , because that bring more understand between both ( parents and children.

    Thank you so much
    Ms SK

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