Thy Became Puppet of Heaven

Good morning dear friends,

O’ lord, i became puppet of yours on earth.

Neither i can express nor smile.

Acceptance of others experiment to ruin my loved once’s life.

Begging mercy from heaven to bless her (my mother) , as i prefer to become puppet of yours on earth.

I have no one on earth , who can understand my pain, other than you in heaven, as i am puppet of yours on earth forever.

Thank you so much my lord

Love you forever my lord

Written by SK Sandhu 2019

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  1. Newtan says:

    Nice post. 💖

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  2. Keep praying and we will over come this matter and let the good healing granted by lord to make her stable. Cheer up and be bold.

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  3. May God hear and answer you.

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    1. sk8sandhu says:

      Good evening dear. Thank you so much for saying these words as i pray for same , lord hear my voice.
      Best regards, sk


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