Jobs loyalty

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“Jobs Loyalty” matters at the end of the day, the distinction between “active role” and “stand still role” determine team head to make the right decision to carry on the same routine for an individual working in any sector.

Your decision and attitude makes a difference to the organisation as well long term recognition to your career.

Hassle free , allowing wrong decision to realise under your supervision or negligence it only impact your handling in future.

Growth with trust, i am there with you.

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Homemade Peanut Butter

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Today, it is cloudy day here, so i planned to share with you all my “Homemade Peanut Butter”, reason i started making my own peanut butter, due to packed peanut from supermarket cause allergy , throat irritation and mouth pain, everyone started telling me stop eating pre packed products.

One day i decide life should not stop here only, i learnt how make peanut butter at home, i start eating homemade peanut butter no allergy fully healthy bread spread , and now i make other dishes with it at home.

Life became so wonderful and no fear of chemical or preservative. You just love it💞

If you want the recipes please contact me🤗

Thank you so much for sharing your time with me here, have a lovely day.

Please to inform you this recipes of mine is diabetes friendly , anyone can eat it🌷❤️.

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Heart Attack First Aid ❤️

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Few days back, i was reading a news of hong kong, the police officers and others colleagues join hand together made one exquisite advertisement in cantonese:-

How to protect a heart attack person, we all must learn “the first aid”, as incident can happen to anyone in busy areas.

What are basic skills required, incase ambulance is not reaching on time due to traffic jam.

One must learn “CPR” it give a patient chance to survive , push hard in the middle of his chest, to bring back his beat .


give Mouth to Mouth Breath.

Let us protect each others life💞

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“Why We Should Read Books”📚

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Many people wonder why we have to read books, these books are intended to help us develop both the knowledge and skills that support our understanding of our life in past, present and future.

Thus it also support and enhance our performance in daily life.

💞Love Books!

Read books❤️

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Happy Chinese New Year 2019

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Happy Chinese new year to all!

These days everyone is busy cleaning and decorating their home, remember to bring lucky plants and flowers to your home to bring health, wealth and prosperity in year 2019.

Wising everyone to have successful venture in coming year 2019.

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HomeMade Almond Milk for Children

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Today, my topic relates “Homemade Almond Milk” for Children, why homemade provide more nutrients to a child , than packed milk in plastic cans or tetra pack.

I would like to share my childhood experience with you all.

When I was a child , my father always worries about me because i was very thin, my weight never increase even i eat high cream products, he always ask me to drink two litters of “Dutch Lady Cream Milk” per day.

Those days packing was very different from the above picture. Every day after school while coming back home start with eating banana with dutch lady full cream milk, slowly by slowly i gain weight after five years but not that much, but i got throat problem -cough and sneezing.

When i visited the doctor he informed me, i am having milk allergy , at age for 12 that made me to literally stop consuming pack milk.

I started drinking Almond milk made in home last couple of years, it is having full nutrients, High calcium, boost memory and healthy milk for any child to drink, i love drinking milk a-lot it makes me healthy and stay active full day. Almond milk gives good sound sleep to anyone even adult.

I advise to all mothers please keep a note, if a child keep crying and not sleeping means he is having throat infection, tonsils and stomach upset, it is milk allergy , immediately change to homemade almond milk for him.

How to prepared Almond Milk At Home:

  1. Soak almonds in 2 cups of water for at least 8 hours or overnight. After almonds have soaked, remove the water and rinse almonds several times. 
  2. Remove the brown Skin from it.
  3. Pour the almonds into a blender and add 2 cups fresh hot water. Blend the soaked almonds until they are pulp. 
  4. Let mixture sit in blender for 5 minutes. Strain and squeeze the milk into large bowl using a nut bag, cheesecloth, or juicer.

For me full blend of almond milk is the best serving of the day.

The reason i share this with you as mother’s never aware what is best for a child to drink, sometimes a child cannot express pain to anyone , keep crying as i did same those days. I really advise you take care of your child is better in healthy way .

Once throat pain comes it will not disappear for months, it needs long treatment, it is better to take precautions in advance , change the milk of your child, try this changes, stay healthy and healthy always🤗.

Have a nice lovely evening,

God bless you all.

I ,Thankful to you all for sharing your time reading my blog.

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