Happy New Year 2020

Good morning dear friends, Sharing with you new year 2020 greetings, may lord in heaven bless us with good health , success, joy , wisdom,, wealth and keeping our obsactles at bay. Everyone in our world have good life. This pictures are from Canada taken by our family members. New Year 2020 is belong toContinue reading “Happy New Year 2020”

Thy Became Puppet of Heaven

Good morning dear friends, O’ lord, i became puppet of yours on earth. Neither i can express nor smile. Acceptance of others experiment to ruin my loved once’s life. Begging mercy from heaven to bless her (my mother) , as i prefer to become puppet of yours on earth. I have no one on earthContinue reading “Thy Became Puppet of Heaven”

Self Knowledge About Anaesthesia

Good evening dear friends, Diseases roots comes from anywhere and everywhere these days , difficult to analysis and give accurate information about it. Daily we have to upgrade our knowledge and try to understand what doctor is explaining to us in general. Some medicines or injections does have huge side effects on patients. not onlyContinue reading “Self Knowledge About Anaesthesia”

Two Beasts

Good morning dear friends The cover art ” Two Beasts” by Ben Day Todd . It is a wonder of Nuclear Bio Physics. This is amazing invention, earlier days we studied cancer using bio link zones and biophysical organic chemistry. Biophysical organic chemistry is a term used when attempting to describe intimate details of molecular recognition byContinue reading “Two Beasts”

Ovaries Cancer – Toddler

Good morning friends, A toddler diagnoses with ovarian cancer, it is very much alarming case for our society in general, this case is happened in untied states where all facilities are available for children. How about developing country, where slums are covering various part of the city and country , it is never developed, thoseContinue reading “Ovaries Cancer – Toddler”

Weight Managing – Cucumber Juice

Good morning friends, Today, my topic is about “Cucumber” alkaline food , which is having high nutrient and huge benefits to our body. Daily we consume different type of food, Some people are suffering from hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism doctors will prescribe different diets for them. Cucumber is such fabulous food which both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidismContinue reading “Weight Managing – Cucumber Juice”

Constipation Problem’s Remedies

Good Morning ! Small is beautiful a fruit known as “Papaya”, many don’t know how to eat this fruit for healing purpose, i would like to share my little knowledge and real experience with you all. Papaya healing health benefits:– Papaya lower blood pressure and help elderly who are suffering constipation problems. Recently i cameContinue reading “Constipation Problem’s Remedies”

Elderly Care – My Advise

Last few days i have been to hospital regularly , noted how young generation children kept a gap between their parents and grand parents. It is truth of life everyone of us will get old one day, but every moment we must remind ourselves, we are not under the mercy of anyone . I haveContinue reading “Elderly Care – My Advise”

Beetroot – Not For Blood Sugar Patient

Good Evening! Last fews days, i have been learning in person about diabetes patients diets with dietitian. Some information, i would like to share with you all. One of very common food “BeetRoot”. It is very nutritional veggie but not for patient who are having blood sugar problem and diabetes. Fact & Benefit of Beetroot:-Continue reading “Beetroot – Not For Blood Sugar Patient”

Develop Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to understand your own emotions and the emotions of others, and then apply that knowledge to be more successful and fulfilled. This is important when getting people to change (the process of leading changes) and ensuring that people around you understand and actively support the strategy of yours. EmotionalContinue reading “Develop Emotional Intelligence”

Chinese Herbal Tea For Throat

Today our weather is very bad, high humidity level, throat infection spreading very rapidly . To stay caution , i am sharing with one recipe with you all , simple very easy to make your day wonderful. Ingredients 2 Pear 1 tablespoon Oregano 1 tablespoon Honey Pear health benefit:- Vitamin C, 1 gram of Protein,Continue reading “Chinese Herbal Tea For Throat”

Syringes Mystery

In 21st century we are seeking for convenience in manner, whether it is dish washing machines, robot to serve you a meal on our dinning table. You body system is becoming more immune to this type of living style , it is healthy or unhealthy it is all depend on individual as i believe differentContinue reading “Syringes Mystery”

Respiratory Healing Herb Tea

#1 Herb Tea :- Respiratory Healing . Today my simple recipes of two Ingredients:- rosemary and oregano herbal tea. High air pollution “no problem” drink this herbal tea twice times per day, life will be much happy. This herbs help nourish throat and chest both together, i rather say it is a magical herbs, iContinue reading “Respiratory Healing Herb Tea”

My Mother Throat Problem

Good morning. Last three weeks , we came across with high air pollution , we have no complaints about it as circumstances and natural disaster we cannot control. My mother was suffering for respiratory system problem, breathing problem and eyes itching. Today , finally i come up with one recipe to heal and nourish theContinue reading “My Mother Throat Problem”

Herbal Tea – Cold Countries

Winter falls, many countries temperature will drop to negative -10,-20, -30, -40 degree. It is really very hard to imagine, how life could be for these people who are staying such cold place. Countries Russia, USA, Europe, China, north part of India and many others countries. Their daily routine will be affected , body systemContinue reading “Herbal Tea – Cold Countries”

Diabetes Patients in Hospital

Sometimes in life, we will come across most painful moment. Diseases, which we are unable to diagnose, we have visit doctor and stay in the hospital is the choice left out for elders in home. Diabetes patients, are very weak and sensitive, they have to be taken care very carefully and calmly, nothing shall beContinue reading “Diabetes Patients in Hospital”

Child’s Depression

My little child, moment of depression touch you ,never aware where life gets blocked and breathing starts getting exhaust. I know, why and what you are undergoing, trust me , things will be never remain same . I see the tears in your eyes, torture in mind and body grows everyday. I will hug tightContinue reading “Child’s Depression”

Elderly Home Care

Today, my topic is very interesting about our elders in Home. Being a child we always wish and pray for our elders must stay happy , healthy with longevity. How it is possible, it is very challenging job but if we put in practice in daily life, it is very simple and easy. When elderlyContinue reading “Elderly Home Care”

Patient’s Saline Lock Solution

Good afternoon. Today i will be discussing about patient’s treatment with “saline lock” . It is a intravenous tube that is inserted into the patient’s vein which allows the periodic access for medication administration. After treatment there some side effects to patients with shoulder and arms , frequently paining with swelling. Chest pain occurs asContinue reading “Patient’s Saline Lock Solution”

Happy New Year 2018

💞We are ahead to receive year 2018 Year 2018 , my wishes for everyone around the world to have stable job, healthy family members, true friendship, home full of true love, joy and happiness, abundance of success, and accomplish all your dreams . Dog sign will open the heavenly door, pour blessing to all ofContinue reading “Happy New Year 2018”

~A Glance ~ Sunflower~

I caught glance of yours, I was gratified to see slight amusement on your face. Drift apart all your problems and sorrows. Life is full of grumbler not to seek for perfectionism, it will never happen anyway. I am little sunflower in your garden to bring smile to you every day. Keep smiling🌹 Cheers🌹💡 ✍🏻SKContinue reading “~A Glance ~ Sunflower~”

~Our World Children~

Sorrow and pain through your smile can be seen. You are precious as i say to you that is real. Being bold walk the path alone seeking for stability that i found in you, Child never despair we are one big family as we hold each other hand coming out from dark to light withContinue reading “~Our World Children~”

My beloved child~ Russian

O’ child, i hold your hand in my hand walk through the dark dim light and bring Light to your life. Share part of me with you, I will be delightful with joy. Holding you close to my heart as you are my dearest child. Wiping your tears, healing your wounds Sharing my love withContinue reading “My beloved child~ Russian”

Hypothyroidism for Elderly – Male or Females

Today i will be discussing about a very common disease which is found in all males and females a sense of indignation, a young people will peacefully fall asleep in an armchair while elderly will look around hours together to fall asleep. Due reason is the functioning of thyroid imbalance as per age and nutrients.Continue reading “Hypothyroidism for Elderly – Male or Females”

Onion benefits to health

Onion which is found in every kichen Organic purple onion is more sustainable and healther as it produce more nutrients.  Many people having a misconcept about onion is inconsequential edible food whereas it is having huge benefits for our health. Onion can protect one from head, neck and colon cancers. Protect from Osteroporosis and AtherosclerosisContinue reading “Onion benefits to health”

Air Pollution – Solution Health Tonic 

Three ingredients can change your health condition from worst to best for respiratory problem and asthmatic attacks patients. Our world presently facing a lot of issue ,one of it is air pollution , how toxin is the air we breath in every day , unknowingly many different types of particles we inhale but unable toContinue reading “Air Pollution – Solution Health Tonic “

Healthy Veggie & Fruits Juice – Anti Cancer

Prevent Cancer, Reduce Cholesterol, Improve Stomach Upset & Headache Today I will be sharing with you healthy vegetable and fruit juice recipes . The health benefits of green apples are helps to enhance the Immune System, Reduce the risk of diabetes, Reduce weight , Enhance respiratory function,brightens teeth & prevents tooth decay, prevent brain degenerativeContinue reading “Healthy Veggie & Fruits Juice – Anti Cancer”

Risk of Fluoride in products

Fluoride  Is An Inorganic Chemical. The systematic name fluoride, the vaild IUPAC name is determined according to the additive nomenclature which does not take the nature of bonding involved into account. Fluoride is also used non-systematically to describe compounds which release hydrogen fluoride upon acidification or a compound that otherwise incorporates fluorine in some form, suchContinue reading “Risk of Fluoride in products”

Cancer Patient – Soy Bean Milk 

Health comes from correct nutritional foodWe are thankful to our research team who is always giving us correct information about what to eat to have a healthy body system. Cancer patients undergo radiation therapy which means high energy radiation to shrink tumors and kill the cancer cells. Another treatment  known as chemotherapy it is drugContinue reading “Cancer Patient – Soy Bean Milk “

Children Communication Skills

School interviews are carefully planned to estimate a child's "baseline" abilities in very basic literacy, reasoning and cognition. The purpose can change from system to system and school to school, but the main element remain unchange. Young age children, schools mainly look for social skills that shows the child will fit into the school community.Continue reading “Children Communication Skills”

Cancer Children🎗

There is no pain greater than being helpless to face the reality of a child suffering with cancer, parents world changes with the blink of an eye.  Parent’s ambition , goals , dreams and main priorities are forced to take a different turn. Instead, parents dealing with realisation that their child is going through radiation,Continue reading “Cancer Children🎗”

Benefits Of Art Education For Children

Our world is busy, fast and noisy. Immersion in the arts allows your children time to disengage and slow down.  It offers the quiet space necessary to recognise,create, explore, express their feelings and thoughts that might otherwise remain hidden and create pressure within your children which is unknown to you. As soon as your childrenContinue reading “Benefits Of Art Education For Children”

Psychological Problems – Emotions

Human Mind which formulates ideas, creativity, motion and emotional stage of mind. Individual's have different  Are you misidentifying yourself , any traumatic experiences in childhood or infancy, is bothering your emotions who is hold back by your womb. The recalling and revolving traumatic experiences which took place in your home ,school or in office. Presently, we don't haveContinue reading “Psychological Problems – Emotions”