Thy Became Puppet of Heaven

Good morning dear friends, O’ lord, i became puppet of yours on earth. Neither i can express nor smile. Acceptance of others experiment to ruin my loved once’s life. Begging mercy from heaven to bless her (my mother) , as i prefer to become puppet of yours on earth. I have no one on earthContinue reading “Thy Became Puppet of Heaven”

Love Life

Good morning dear friends, In life we faced a lot of ups and down, Many people comes and goes, Some people love you some much , Even they are gone from earth but Their memories last forever in your heart and mind. Whereas some people spend day and night with you, but their memories neverContinue reading “Love Life”

Hannah Arendt (1906-1975)

Good evening dear friend, Encouragement words of Hannah Arendt, which made me to take right decision in life. She is one of the most important public intellectuals of the twentieth century. Her writings on totalitarianism shaped a whole generation of thinkers and certainly influenced my own writing . She was a very brave woman inContinue reading “Hannah Arendt (1906-1975)”

Chung Yeung Day

Good evening dear friends, This year Chung Yeung day is on 07 October, 2019. It falls on the ninth day of the ninth month. This is around early to mid-October in the western Gregorian calendar. It is a similar memorial day to Ching Ming and is commemorated in Hong Kong, China,Taiwan, Singapore, Japan and manyContinue reading “Chung Yeung Day”


Good afternoon dear friends, We feel teachers job is easy just to preach, dictations, answers the questions in the classroom, but behind the curtain their work is very difficult. We must appreciate, because they spend less time with family members but keep reading new things to give updated information and make it simplified version toContinue reading “Teachers”

Our Life Identity

Good Evening dear friends, These days, i was busy reading a book , numerous questions came in my mind. One of the question is how to define identity? “The Voice of life ” and “The Voice of dead” People may be under the oppression of death an not even realised it, because they have neverContinue reading “Our Life Identity”

Father Pope Francis

Good evening dear friends, Sometimes in life, we are so confuse unable to understand why certain things happening to us ! I was reading the book of father Pope Francis “The name of god is Mercy” repeatedly . Holy father , can you tell us how the desire to proclaim a Holy year of mercyContinue reading “Father Pope Francis”

Money Takes Around

Good evening dear friends, There is somethings which is bothering me today , i would like to share with you all. I had a known male friend married having two children, the day they got married i was there present at their beautiful wedding. When first child we were so happy , after few yearsContinue reading “Money Takes Around”

Connect To Toronto.

Good Afternoon Dear , O’ Lord, one more day to love you! O’ Jesus, watch over me always, especially today, or i shall betray you like Judas. O’ Lord, today is the day, I begin! O’ Jesus shine through me and be so in me that every person , i come in contact with mayContinue reading “Connect To Toronto.”

My dream-Lord’s Praises

Good afternoon friends, Thank you so much for visiting my blog and liking my lord’s praises. Happy weekend to all With love and care❤️ Copyright SKS 2019

Lord’s Praise

Good afternoon dear, Lord prise written by me,i hope you like it!! O’ lord , thy crave your name inside my heart , From childhood thy pray to you my lord, the glory for the things you have done for me, having you in my life made me complete . You make me feel alive,Continue reading “Lord’s Praise”

Happy Chinese New Year 2019

Good afternoon to all, Happy Chinese New Year 2019, wish everyone to have abundance of success in their career. Thank you so much visiting my blog. Greeting in cantonese to all . Hope year 2019, bring world peace and every home have food . Copyright SKS 2019

Happy Chinese New Year 2019

Good evening to all, Happy Chinese new year to all! These days everyone is busy cleaning and decorating their home, remember to bring lucky plants and flowers to your home to bring health, wealth and prosperity in year 2019. Wising everyone to have successful venture in coming year 2019. Thank you so much for visitingContinue reading “Happy Chinese New Year 2019”

Beauty Of A Mother

Good evening friends, A mother who sacrifice everything for a child, without thinking what she will be getting in return, love of a mother is difficult to express in words, lifelong they work hard day and night , just to give the best to their children. A little pain or injury to a child ,Continue reading “Beauty Of A Mother”

Weight Managing – Cucumber Juice

Good morning friends, Today, my topic is about “Cucumber” alkaline food , which is having high nutrient and huge benefits to our body. Daily we consume different type of food, Some people are suffering from hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism doctors will prescribe different diets for them. Cucumber is such fabulous food which both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidismContinue reading “Weight Managing – Cucumber Juice”

A Love Without A Purpose

Good Morning friends, A love without a purpose , i got from one beautiful mammals “Elephants.” This happened when i visited India first time, standing in a big crowded place , unnoticed what was happening in the surrounding , busy exploring simplicity of the people and the food. There came an elephants paving a wayContinue reading “A Love Without A Purpose”

Happy Birthday To My Beloved Father Today

Good afternoon to all, Today is my father’s birthday , 07 January , he is the best father , who hold my hand and make me a good human being, even he is not there with me today , his memories last forever with me. We are here to remember even they left us, everlasting.Continue reading “Happy Birthday To My Beloved Father Today”

Natural Beauty Of Canada

Good Evening to all, #NoWordsWednesday Challenge “Beauty of Canada , water and snows make the nature beauty glow” Dear Mes Mots, i try to do it 😀. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and liking my pictures. Copyright SKS2019

Lord’s Praise

“Good afternoon to all”, O’ lord you who supply all my needs, According to your riches in glory, O’ lord you are the one send angels to Charge over me, You who care me, care me, All consuming fire , You are my heart’s desire, And thy love you truly and dearly dearly, My lord,Continue reading “Lord’s Praise”

My Lord ~ The Discipline of Hearing

Sometimes Lord puts us through the experience and discipline of darkness to teach us to hear and obey him, some birds songs are taught to sing in the dark, and lord puts us into “the shadow of his hand” until we learn to hear him, whatever he tell you in dark, pay attention. Are youContinue reading “My Lord ~ The Discipline of Hearing”

🇭🇰Hong Kong Weather Forecast

Good Evening dear, Stay caution tomorrow as weather is going to change, it is gradually going to drop, change to warm winter beautiful clothes. I will be changing to this winter wear from tomorrow onwards. Stay healthy and warm. Hot chocolate little honey is my loved drink of winter, it help to keep the heartContinue reading “🇭🇰Hong Kong Weather Forecast”

Red Alert~ Little Girls

Good evening dear , My humble request to mothers never allow any strangers to touch or talk to your baby girls, as one can never read another person’s intention, some people don’t have home discipline. Never let your child to play alone in garden or parks. if possible take your child with you wherever youContinue reading “Red Alert~ Little Girls”


Good morning dear, Lord made provision for all of our needs through ” Salvation” means healing, health, wholeness, deliverance, well-being, safety, soundness and eternal life. We often overemphasise eternal life and neglect to lay hold of the healing and deliverance so needed in this life. Practical aspect of this benefit of salvation is experiencing theContinue reading “Salvation”

Self Love~Weekend

Life is beautiful like a pink flower in my hand, the sunlight bring it’s inner beauty out to all! 🌸Happy weekend everyone🌸 Love you all Copyright & Photographer : SK Sandhu 2018

Soliditary Blogger Award I, would like to develop and prevail the process of solidarity, experiences, shares the values of symptomatically which is perceived in life. Here, i am nominating this “Lovely Solidarity Blogger Award ” to the following bloggers. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Positivesideofcoin.wordpress.comContinue reading “Soliditary Blogger Award”

Lord I Love You More

O’ lord i worship you with all of my heart, O’lord i worship you with all of my mind, O’lord i worship you with all of my strength You are my lord, You are my lord, Change my heart my lord make it ever true, Change my heart my lord may i be like you,Continue reading “Lord I Love You More”

Lord’s Love is Healing Process For Us

Good afternoon to all, Our lord’s desire is that we bear fruit and fulfil his destiny for our lives. At times we become desperate enough to stop covering up fears, pains, insecurities and sin and allow him to replace our compensatory facades with his healing virtue and power. Lord love each one of us ,Continue reading “Lord’s Love is Healing Process For Us”

Prayer at Jaro Cathedral “Our Lady Of Candles”

Good Morning dear, We are thankful to you , sharing your precious time doing prayers at Jaro Cathedral “Our Lady Of Candles” for us all, Is beautiful Church was built in year 1856, carry a lot of ancient values and prayers. We treasure you all, for being with us always. With Love and Hug! OnceContinue reading “Prayer at Jaro Cathedral “Our Lady Of Candles””

Reality Of Life

“Our Modern World Reality” When a man is young And rich, There is a lot of fun, Every female will come to say honey “i love you” without you “there is no life” When same man get old, those beautiful ladies will go , dance with young handsome man. The old man with richness sleepContinue reading “Reality Of Life”

Pre-Israelite Altars in Palestine – Bible Old Testament

Today, referring our ancient testament occurrences of the word “Altar”, the Hebrew in Mizbeah, which means ” place of sacrifice”, is simply its Aramaic cognate madbah, The Patriarchs built their own altars and offered their own sacrifices on them without having any recourse to a priesthood. Noah built one after the flood and made burntContinue reading “Pre-Israelite Altars in Palestine – Bible Old Testament”

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

Good evening, May this mid-autumn festival bring happiness, success, joy and good fortune to all on this moon festival day. God bless everyone! Light protect us every moment! This was our childhood always waiting for mid autumn festival to invite good luck to us, each light bring good omen, eating moon cake , saying thankContinue reading “Happy Mid Autumn Festival”

World Peace – Lord in Heaven

Lord Shiva the peacekeeper of universe , thy kneel down at your feet seeking for world peace. The hated seeds to be removed by your mercy my lord, give your hand of love to all in this planet. Rudram and Chamakam performed by 400+ Europeans in Croatia. The European Veda association would be performing thisContinue reading “World Peace – Lord in Heaven”

A Child’s True Love – China

A campaign moved millions in China A woman died in a childbirth. The family of this woman donated her heart to a man wearing black shirt See the reaction of the kid…. Priceless The man who had the heart of a dead woman , he came one day to the family saying thank you forContinue reading “A Child’s True Love – China”

Praise Of Lord

The power of the light Make adorable life. Moment we hold the light Our heart murmur to Lord show the way right🌹 I trust none in this world, Thy believe in your words, Come kneel down at feet Saying i love you lord You are mine and i am yours. We will never be separateContinue reading “Praise Of Lord”

Thank You My Lord

Good afternoon! O’ lord , thy always kneel down at your feet, requesting you my lord shower your blessing to us, you are supreme and your powers bring miracles into many people life. Today i write this note to all those who did prayers for my mother, i sincerely thankful to you all. Your prayersContinue reading “Thank You My Lord”

🌞Sunday Prayer for All

Sunday Prayers Dear Lord, thank you for the blessing of seeing another day, we lift up to you all who we love and care for and ask you to bless them and meet their needs. May your peace and joy fill our cups to overflowing and may your grace sustain us. Thank you for beingContinue reading “🌞Sunday Prayer for All”

Poem When I Was Young

When i was young , life just begun, Things was easy and all was fun, Then i realise life started to make me run, While running i forget all the fun. I got married , a beautiful wife and children, It was like i still was young, Time passed by, life made all to run,Continue reading “Poem When I Was Young”

Develop Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to understand your own emotions and the emotions of others, and then apply that knowledge to be more successful and fulfilled. This is important when getting people to change (the process of leading changes) and ensuring that people around you understand and actively support the strategy of yours. EmotionalContinue reading “Develop Emotional Intelligence”

Story Of Ojus-Manila

A little boy born in manila, miles away from us, but unknown connection with us all, which bring us together today. He is our most beloved child as “Ojus” , he understand the value of time and studies, he work hard, and study well. Today Our little child “Ojus” came first in entire Manila State.Continue reading “Story Of Ojus-Manila”

Avoiding Pitfalls

When innovation is a cornerstone of business strategy there are several potential pitfalls. Premium position captivity, the most dangerous part for market leaders thinking that the level of innovation that has worked in the past will ensure bring success in the future , it is all depend on which market we would like launch theContinue reading “Avoiding Pitfalls”

Lord’s Path

The heart of the message from Divine is that Lord the merciful bestow and stand for us despite our problem turn us around. Whoever trusts him receives his mercy and has a duty to share it with others through good deeds, words and prayers. Our lord never turn away, it is us if we shakeContinue reading “Lord’s Path”

Identify Treated Raisins Golden Jumbo

How do we identify the raisins are treated, manufactures will extract essences “dextrose” from original raisins. What is dextrose? Dextrose is simple sugar that is made from corn and is chemically identical to glucose, or blood sugar. Dextrose is often used in baking products as a sweetener, and can be commonly found in items suchContinue reading “Identify Treated Raisins Golden Jumbo”

Motivation of life

Good morning friends! What motivates us as people, we as human beings , we all want to have a purpose. We want our lives to matter. We want to do something in the short time to bring difference in the world. The pursuit of purpose is so important to us as human beings that ifContinue reading “Motivation of life”

Discrimination Is A Disease

Good morning everyone. Today my topic of discussion is related to two main subjects indirectly and direct link to our daily life . People always wondering why some people will be discriminating others always , there are various reason given by researchers , specialist even scientists never know the clear reason for discrimination. We haveContinue reading “Discrimination Is A Disease”

Artificial Intelligence

#Part 1 Our normal life going to be rule and impact by artificial intelligence in the near future, and we are so excited awaiting to know more about these new advance technology known as “Artificial Intelligence”. Let us go in depth of Artificial intelligence , it is combination of science and technology. To makes theseContinue reading “Artificial Intelligence”

World Kindness with love

Our little kindness makes life beautiful for many people, let us all efforts change our world with love and care , we are doing it everyday with our best possible efforts , please start now. Thanking you Copyright SK Sandhu

Chinese Salted Fish

Chinese new year is ahead, varieties of meals with different types of sweet desserts will be present to the guest comes from miles away to visit us on this festive occasion bring us abundance luck and good omen on it ways. Chinese traditional Salted Fishes, the most delicious recipes on the dinning table this festivalContinue reading “Chinese Salted Fish”

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Mercurytwin , i sincerely would like to say this awards which you had honoured me with such a respectful mannerism means a lot to me as an individual person. Sun in height bring us light. Sun warms the earth each day, it is able to spread its rays everywhere equally because sometimes some places catchContinue reading “The Sunshine Blogger Award”

Happy Dinagyang Festival

Llonganon, Salognom, Paghidait, Pan Ay, Mandurionon and other teams took part in this celebration and competition. Thank you so much. Copyright✍🏻SK Sandhu

Lord With Your Touch

O’ lord whenever fear rule over me , i look upon the Sun in the sky , who give me strength and courage every day. The path which is unseen to me , you walked already on behalf of me , so that when i walk those path in near future there will be lessContinue reading “Lord With Your Touch”

Kasadyahan Festival

A moment of celebration for everyone, praising and praying Mother Mary, Infant Jesus, St. Micheal, St. Joseph and all other saints. There are five different tribe from Iloilo town, 2 from Guimaras, 2 from Negros and 1 from antique province . 5 judges , competition still happening awaiting to see who will be the winnerContinue reading “Kasadyahan Festival”

Respiratory Healing Herb Tea

#1 Herb Tea :- Respiratory Healing . Today my simple recipes of two Ingredients:- rosemary and oregano herbal tea. High air pollution “no problem” drink this herbal tea twice times per day, life will be much happy. This herbs help nourish throat and chest both together, i rather say it is a magical herbs, iContinue reading “Respiratory Healing Herb Tea”

My Mother Throat Problem

Good morning. Last three weeks , we came across with high air pollution , we have no complaints about it as circumstances and natural disaster we cannot control. My mother was suffering for respiratory system problem, breathing problem and eyes itching. Today , finally i come up with one recipe to heal and nourish theContinue reading “My Mother Throat Problem”

Herbal Tea – Cold Countries

Winter falls, many countries temperature will drop to negative -10,-20, -30, -40 degree. It is really very hard to imagine, how life could be for these people who are staying such cold place. Countries Russia, USA, Europe, China, north part of India and many others countries. Their daily routine will be affected , body systemContinue reading “Herbal Tea – Cold Countries”

Lord My Friend

O’lord , night falls you come and hug me, Sending your heavenly angels to protect me, Every touch of yours make me adore you more & more, my heart says to you my lord you are miles away , but i sense you near me always every second of my life. i love you soContinue reading “Lord My Friend”

Adorable Relationship

A connection of life is not just money but beyond love which should be respected by humanity. Animals are good example Happy go life forever Thank you very much Copyright✍🏻 SK Sandhu 2018

Self Esteem

Good Morning, The strongest factor for success is self-esteem, Believing you can do it, Believing you deserve it, Believing you will get it. Everything is possible in life. Have a nice day to all. Thank you so much . Copyright ✍🏻SKS 2018

Bliss Of Lord

O’ lord your glory , shine through the darkness cut all the negativity just by your glance. Prayer to Virgin Mary love us like our lord Jesus Christ who learnt from you peace and love to be bestowed to us all who are being his child. Mother Mary bless us every day. Thank you veryContinue reading “Bliss Of Lord”

Diabetes Patients in Hospital

Sometimes in life, we will come across most painful moment. Diseases, which we are unable to diagnose, we have visit doctor and stay in the hospital is the choice left out for elders in home. Diabetes patients, are very weak and sensitive, they have to be taken care very carefully and calmly, nothing shall beContinue reading “Diabetes Patients in Hospital”

Changes in Economy System

To a certain extent, all economies are mixed economies . There is some government intervention in all economies and some private sectors. A mixed economies describe an economy which has market and government sectors of reasonably similar sizes. Good example Sweden. United states is often described as market economy , the US government does carryContinue reading “Changes in Economy System”

Child’s Depression

My little child, moment of depression touch you ,never aware where life gets blocked and breathing starts getting exhaust. I know, why and what you are undergoing, trust me , things will be never remain same . I see the tears in your eyes, torture in mind and body grows everyday. I will hug tightContinue reading “Child’s Depression”

Love of Lord

O’ Lord , as i begin this day, Let me turn my thoughts to you, and ask your help in guiding me in everything i say and do. Give me the patience that i need to keep my peace of mind . Let me live but for today, nothing to worry what is ahead forContinue reading “Love of Lord”

A Liebster Award 2018

My Passion Harboured Ambitions Today , i would to acknowledge the nomination given by “Daily Life’s Journey”, it was dated on January 3 , 2018 , Ms. Khelzz from wordpress. A moment for me to cherish, it is my second “Liebster Award” 2018 within short period of time, it help the blogger “ME” self awarenessContinue reading “A Liebster Award 2018”

Prayer For Each Other

Each and everyone of us going through tough times right now, but our lord in heaven is getting ready to bestow his blessing to us, in a way only he can do, keep faith him. This prayer is powerful, and prayer is the best gift we receive. There is no cost but a lot ofContinue reading “Prayer For Each Other”

Elderly Home Care

Today, my topic is very interesting about our elders in Home. Being a child we always wish and pray for our elders must stay happy , healthy with longevity. How it is possible, it is very challenging job but if we put in practice in daily life, it is very simple and easy. When elderlyContinue reading “Elderly Home Care”

Why I Am Alive – Jewish Man

There was a Jewish man named Yankel, who had a bakery, in a town, Crown Heights, Germany. He always said, “You know why I’m alive today?” He said “I was a kid, just a teenager at the time in Germany. Nazis were killing Jews with no mercy. We were on the train being taken toContinue reading “Why I Am Alive – Jewish Man”

Travelling Thailand

#1 Thailand Why Thailand in Asia is always one of the best travelling point, my personal experience, it have many beautiful places, buddha temples, lord of creator Brahma temples and others. Lord Brahma , is lord with four faces controls all four directions. Little ancient history of Lord Brahma , due to his mistakes inContinue reading “Travelling Thailand”

Happy New Year 2018

💞We are ahead to receive year 2018 Year 2018 , my wishes for everyone around the world to have stable job, healthy family members, true friendship, home full of true love, joy and happiness, abundance of success, and accomplish all your dreams . Dog sign will open the heavenly door, pour blessing to all ofContinue reading “Happy New Year 2018”

“Fight for your right to think”

Execute – Act – Move Fast Our environment teach us to walk forward and react with our strategy , being reactive isn’t smart, you must know what is right for a new financial instruments , how you can manage and handle a finance risks. We are aware cost structure of a business can change significantlyContinue reading ““Fight for your right to think””

Little Wars With realistic Plan

Flash back in the year 1976 June 27, Air France flight 139 from Tel Aviv to Paris was hijacked. The hostage were taken off the plane into the airport’s old terminal building in Uganda. Where Israeli commando show how to plan during this hijack they implement and break the circular game of war, time playedContinue reading “Little Wars With realistic Plan”

Warriors in Battle

None could understand the feeling of the warriors in the battle , they never show their emotional feeling to anyone. We do understand it very well as my uncle and our ancestors were warriors in the battle. Their mind and heart is dedicated to support the country with every positive moves. Life for them isContinue reading “Warriors in Battle”

Our Action and Care

These days people become self-centred thinking about their own benefits and profits, very rarely we find people who will understand others people’s pain, struggling and worries. Mostly many will not even consider to see or try to help anyone it is our present life style and behaviours. Full life we will waiting for someone richContinue reading “Our Action and Care”

Fairies with the flute

Making me to dance with the music, birds in the air blessed with melody of the freedom. I dance to your music, Making me to feel my space, I speed to your beauty like the air to have the colors of magic. Thank you the beauty of fairy ✍🏻SK Sandhu

Lord’s Present in our life

We believe in lord Jesus , who show the correct way to his people , reach the designated destiny which is created by him. Our beloved lord appears in front of us in different forms, he strength our faith and trust when we are broken down , under suspense, our actions are not giving usContinue reading “Lord’s Present in our life”

~Sunset Feeling~

My eyes seemed to reach into the sun set rays, relishing feeling with a slight emotional touch to my soul. I held out my hand , wanted to hold you very tight to my heart , mind and soul. Knowing it is impossible as night came . I told myself , hold on my feelingContinue reading “~Sunset Feeling~”

Homemade Pizza

Coming back home thinking what to cook and eat, open the fridge and cupboards found flour and other simple ingredients. Decide to prepare vegetarian pizza for dinner tonight. It is always better to cook at home, restaurant are packed with people, everyone is rushing up to complete their dinner within 20mins. Outside the restaurant aContinue reading “Homemade Pizza”