Hannah Arendt (1906-1975)

Good evening dear friend, Encouragement words of Hannah Arendt, which made me to take right decision in life. She is one of the most important public intellectuals of the twentieth century. Her writings on totalitarianism shaped a whole generation of thinkers and certainly influenced my own writing . She was a very brave woman inContinue reading “Hannah Arendt (1906-1975)”

Definition of “Enough” Project Management

Good morning dear friends The execution phase , one cannot manage what you cannot control, for sure you cannot control what you have planned. Reality without planning and control,the only options are ad hoc activity or action, damage control , or quick fixes the situation into your favour before it is too late. Running downContinue reading “Definition of “Enough” Project Management”

The Galaxy – So Far

Good afternoon dear friends, Our galaxy have many mystery which is unfold , we as human being do our research on daily basis. The stars appear to be located on a sphere distant from Earth. With only the constellations visible that appear opposite the Sun ( on the night side) . Until present we areContinue reading “The Galaxy – So Far”

Female Weight Management and Dress Code

Good morning dear friends, Every morning have a practice of reading news , what is happening in our world. It is good to put a pause and start thinking about these articles , make me wonder why so? Being Female , i am always very concern about my out look , wearing must be withContinue reading “Female Weight Management and Dress Code”

Law and Ordinance

Good Afternoon Dear Friends, What is law exactly? Law is important part of our life , maintain moral principle in life and society in general is a must for a country. Any crime you do , you must understand the consequences is going to be bad towards worst for you, could damage your career forever.Continue reading “Law and Ordinance”

Dry River-Collect Rain Water Produces.

Good evening dear friends, Water scarcity causing huge damages in our surrounding, many countries are not having proper organise systemic structure for water, these problems can be control. Everyone have their own way of understand the problem, but none is bring in new initiatives, to solve the problem. As per me :- dry lakes orContinue reading “Dry River-Collect Rain Water Produces.”

Analyse Phase Becoming a Process Detective

Good evening dear friends, Sunday evening here, today my topic sharing is about detective story. Analyzation is the most unpredictable aspect in life phase. Sometimes tools one think to utilise will depend a lot on their problems not for others. It all about self insecurity in life. Detective mind will be try to anticipate whatContinue reading “Analyse Phase Becoming a Process Detective”

Science News – Flowers

Good Morning Dear Friends, Amazing news, the plant which was first discovered in 1970s, scientist unable to give them name, due to its unique quality. Finally scientists given exquisite and unique bust tomato species, native to the remote Australian outback, an official Name “Solanum Plastisexum”. This fluidity of this flower forms differently, during different researchContinue reading “Science News – Flowers”

Money Takes Around

Good evening dear friends, There is somethings which is bothering me today , i would like to share with you all. I had a known male friend married having two children, the day they got married i was there present at their beautiful wedding. When first child we were so happy , after few yearsContinue reading “Money Takes Around”

Why We Need Steroids To End Life 💞

Good morning dear friends, Today sunshine after raining for days here, life is beautiful and happier, but there is always some sad moments in life. Our greed to achieve success in life , makes us to walk wrong path without thinking the consequences while risking our health. Interesting topic for discussion about steroids, how theseContinue reading “Why We Need Steroids To End Life 💞”

Dead Pig found in Hong Kong outlying Island

Good afternoon dear friends, This year there was a dead pig found on an outlying island in Hong Kong, it concern over African swine fever epidemic in asian countries . Hong Kong Agriculture, Fisheries and conservation department (AFCD) informed pig was sent to Tai Lung Veterinary Laboratory in Sheung Shui for testing. Government later informedContinue reading “Dead Pig found in Hong Kong outlying Island”

Radioisotopes 👩🏻‍💻

Good evening dear, In year 1911, a gentleman known as George de Hevesy , the first practical application of “radioisotopes” was invented by him a Hungarian man. The real life story starts , when he was a young student working in Manchester, he was studying “naturally radioactive materials”. He was not having much money, heContinue reading “Radioisotopes 👩🏻‍💻”

Green Tree for our Environment 🌲🌳🌴🌿

Good morning dear, The importance of green tree in our surrounding, without green trees we cannot survive , it is reality of life . Green Trees environment providing oxygen, improving air quality, climate amelioration,conserving water, preserving soil, and supporting wildlife and small little beautiful butterfly and other insects. Tree stake in carbon dioxide and produceContinue reading “Green Tree for our Environment 🌲🌳🌴🌿”

Niagara Falls on the US/Canadian Border

Good Evening Dear, Today, i will be sharing with you “Niagara Falls” on the US/ Canadian border, the natural beauty beyond words, our life is so busy working , why not take a break , a little moment for yourself to relax and enjoy every moment of life, please visit this place if you areContinue reading “Niagara Falls on the US/Canadian Border”

Happy Easter

Good afternoon friends, Holidays ahead, wishing everyone of you happy easter, lord bless you. My handmade easter eggs , simplicity with love is my lord in heaven, with the bliss of lord is the day of glory , no need to find difference in day and night . With love to all Thank you soContinue reading “Happy Easter”

Ovaries Cancer – Toddler

Good morning friends, A toddler diagnoses with ovarian cancer, it is very much alarming case for our society in general, this case is happened in untied states where all facilities are available for children. How about developing country, where slums are covering various part of the city and country , it is never developed, thoseContinue reading “Ovaries Cancer – Toddler”

Canada – Snow Session

Good afternoon to all, The most lovely moment start when snow falls, this is Canada’s first snow fall , sharing with you the video here, in deed some place in Canada it is already started snowing months back. 💞I love snow very much💞 Thank you so much for reading my blog. Have a wonderful weekendContinue reading “Canada – Snow Session”

Winter Side dish ~ Diabetes Patient

Good morning to all, Today here is sunny day, lovely morning . Taking a little moment to share with a recipes “Traditional Russian Sweet and Sour Purple Cabbage”, which i have changed a little to make for diabetes patient without any hesitation you can keep this meal into your menu twice or thrice a week.Continue reading “Winter Side dish ~ Diabetes Patient”

Self Love~Weekend

Life is beautiful like a pink flower in my hand, the sunlight bring it’s inner beauty out to all! 🌸Happy weekend everyone🌸 Love you all Copyright & Photographer : SK Sandhu 2018

Lord I Love You More

O’ lord i worship you with all of my heart, O’lord i worship you with all of my mind, O’lord i worship you with all of my strength You are my lord, You are my lord, Change my heart my lord make it ever true, Change my heart my lord may i be like you,Continue reading “Lord I Love You More”

Lord’s Love is Healing Process For Us

Good afternoon to all, Our lord’s desire is that we bear fruit and fulfil his destiny for our lives. At times we become desperate enough to stop covering up fears, pains, insecurities and sin and allow him to replace our compensatory facades with his healing virtue and power. Lord love each one of us ,Continue reading “Lord’s Love is Healing Process For Us”

Prayer at Jaro Cathedral “Our Lady Of Candles”

Good Morning dear, We are thankful to you , sharing your precious time doing prayers at Jaro Cathedral “Our Lady Of Candles” for us all, Is beautiful Church was built in year 1856, carry a lot of ancient values and prayers. We treasure you all, for being with us always. With Love and Hug! OnceContinue reading “Prayer at Jaro Cathedral “Our Lady Of Candles””

World Peace – Lord in Heaven

Lord Shiva the peacekeeper of universe , thy kneel down at your feet seeking for world peace. The hated seeds to be removed by your mercy my lord, give your hand of love to all in this planet. Rudram and Chamakam performed by 400+ Europeans in Croatia. The European Veda association would be performing thisContinue reading “World Peace – Lord in Heaven”

A Child’s True Love – China

A campaign moved millions in China A woman died in a childbirth. The family of this woman donated her heart to a man wearing black shirt See the reaction of the kid…. Priceless The man who had the heart of a dead woman , he came one day to the family saying thank you forContinue reading “A Child’s True Love – China”

Performance Measurement

Good morning ! The starting point when designing a “performance measurement system ” to “performance management” is a basic business strategy. To be successful, i believe, work accordingly with “performance measurement system” has to be concerned with measures of outcome or results. It is necessary part of projection managements , to achieve a certain returnsContinue reading “Performance Measurement”

🌞Sunday Prayer for All

Sunday Prayers Dear Lord, thank you for the blessing of seeing another day, we lift up to you all who we love and care for and ask you to bless them and meet their needs. May your peace and joy fill our cups to overflowing and may your grace sustain us. Thank you for beingContinue reading “🌞Sunday Prayer for All”

Beetroot – Not For Blood Sugar Patient

Good Evening! Last fews days, i have been learning in person about diabetes patients diets with dietitian. Some information, i would like to share with you all. One of very common food “BeetRoot”. It is very nutritional veggie but not for patient who are having blood sugar problem and diabetes. Fact & Benefit of Beetroot:-Continue reading “Beetroot – Not For Blood Sugar Patient”

Old Age Of Rich Man

It is a real story! There was a very rich successful man, he accomplished every goal in life, by turning around taking a business that is struggling getting it back on track, he was specialise in it , perfectionism and professionalism both found in him, but one reality we never analysis , time and truthContinue reading “Old Age Of Rich Man”

Leadership Perspective

Perspective is a method of understanding and analysing situation with their own vision and words. Leadership matters:- Leadership is crucial, the challenge is to combine management skills and leadership ability, in the right way and right time. Leadership need to performed by skilled person, who understand the subject well, do have scale to describe dailyContinue reading “Leadership Perspective”

Diabetes-Carrot Mix Juice

Carrot beloved veggie of Rabbit and human, carrots contain a number of antiseptic and antibacterial abilities which boost our immune system, it have high level of vitamin C,stimulate the activity of white blood cells, it is the most important element to maintain good health system. Carrots Nutrition Facts Carrots can be attributed to their betaContinue reading “Diabetes-Carrot Mix Juice”

Technology And Human

Technology inventions are always exciting for many of us, it is a platform which provides us instant information about international market policy and strategy of each individual country, changes which are ahead good or worst , we have to be prepared for it. How do we utilise these technology, it is determent by individual perspective,Continue reading “Technology And Human”

Lord’s Path

The heart of the message from Divine is that Lord the merciful bestow and stand for us despite our problem turn us around. Whoever trusts him receives his mercy and has a duty to share it with others through good deeds, words and prayers. Our lord never turn away, it is us if we shakeContinue reading “Lord’s Path”

Power of light – Sunday

Power of light guides us conquer our fear, the secret to win hearts and minds. No matter how tough and rough the path in front of you , this light will show us the correct path. We look inside ourselves ask what exactly we are looking for in life, to motivate and inspire others orContinue reading “Power of light – Sunday”

Happy Dinagyang Festival

Llonganon, Salognom, Paghidait, Pan Ay, Mandurionon and other teams took part in this celebration and competition. Thank you so much. Copyright✍🏻SK Sandhu

Lord With Your Touch

O’ lord whenever fear rule over me , i look upon the Sun in the sky , who give me strength and courage every day. The path which is unseen to me , you walked already on behalf of me , so that when i walk those path in near future there will be lessContinue reading “Lord With Your Touch”

Kasadyahan Festival

A moment of celebration for everyone, praising and praying Mother Mary, Infant Jesus, St. Micheal, St. Joseph and all other saints. There are five different tribe from Iloilo town, 2 from Guimaras, 2 from Negros and 1 from antique province . 5 judges , competition still happening awaiting to see who will be the winnerContinue reading “Kasadyahan Festival”

My Mother Throat Problem

Good morning. Last three weeks , we came across with high air pollution , we have no complaints about it as circumstances and natural disaster we cannot control. My mother was suffering for respiratory system problem, breathing problem and eyes itching. Today , finally i come up with one recipe to heal and nourish theContinue reading “My Mother Throat Problem”

Dream of Planets

Just imagine life without planet, havoc right we won’t be exploring how round are they surrounding our galaxy. The first round of Earth was discovered in year 1519, with first satellites with people from Portuguese. The 1961 Yuri Gagarin travel around the Earth which took them 108 minutes same like the count of rosary beadsContinue reading “Dream of Planets”

Chocolate Coconut Milk

Week days we are busy working, no time to enjoy life, everything is rush and hurry , thinking to cook something extra is impossible as time will be core problem for us always. Weekend comes we take a break , cook something for self ,relaxing for a moment put pause to life.✋🏻 Today sharing withContinue reading “Chocolate Coconut Milk”

Black Sesame Dessert

Today , i have made black sesame dessert. This dessert is well known in China, Hong Kong , Japan and South Korea. We ate it often after dinner. Three ingredients requires: 100 grams black sesame 1 slice of brown sugar 1/2 dry coconut . Shred 1/2 dry coconut , add to 4 1/2 glass ofContinue reading “Black Sesame Dessert”

Weekend Knitting Scraf

Weekend comes more time to relax, for me in winter , best time to start little knitting , open slow music enjoy every moment . I knit for others. For me crochets are loose design not tight . While i just learn so many different designs, i match for any dress and wear at anytime,Continue reading “Weekend Knitting Scraf”

Travel Moscow ❄️Pictures

Today, our friends in Moscow send us these pictures, they are having medical conference there. It is really very cold❄️ (-)degree❄️ It is very nice place . Sharing the pictures with you all Thank you very much. Spend a little time out , have fun. Copyright ✍🏻 SK Sandhu

Exquisite Life “1000 likes”

Good evening reader, May i take this opportunity to say, thank you to everyone of you , giving me respect , love and care it means a lot for me. Today , finally i reached by goal of 1000 likes, it was no way possible without you all being with me. I, sincerely once againContinue reading “Exquisite Life “1000 likes””

Russian Style Kimchi Pickled Cabbage, Carrot and Beetroots

Holiday season cooking something at home , enjoying eating with all is real fun. I am cabbage and broccoli lover, if these food made for me every day, i am so happy never get bored . I used to cook Chinese style cabbage eat with rice . One day i found this russian way ofContinue reading “Russian Style Kimchi Pickled Cabbage, Carrot and Beetroots”

“Fight for your right to think”

Execute – Act – Move Fast Our environment teach us to walk forward and react with our strategy , being reactive isn’t smart, you must know what is right for a new financial instruments , how you can manage and handle a finance risks. We are aware cost structure of a business can change significantlyContinue reading ““Fight for your right to think””

~Positive Attitude~

🍀Positive World View 🍀Positive Self-Concept 🍀 Focused Sense of Purpose 🍀 Flexible Thinking 🍀 Social Flexibility 🍀 Organising Ambiguity 🍀 Proactive Experimentation Resilience is an ability to cope with significant change constructively, creatively, and productively , it is often overlooked. Resilience is about rebounding stronger, achieving best performances become outstanding person in the team andContinue reading “~Positive Attitude~”

Our Action and Care

These days people become self-centred thinking about their own benefits and profits, very rarely we find people who will understand others people’s pain, struggling and worries. Mostly many will not even consider to see or try to help anyone it is our present life style and behaviours. Full life we will waiting for someone richContinue reading “Our Action and Care”

~Gentle Wind~

This afternoon carefree walking by the sea side, gentle wind move quickly casually. All of sudden cumulative wind turn into freezing temperature. Made me feel feverish cold , i rush back to the cafe shop to grab a cup of coffee to stay warm. I love the moment of cold breeze which approach us unexpectedly.Continue reading “~Gentle Wind~”

Weekend ~Russian Beet Root Soup

Weekend, moment to relax down a little, find something enjoyable to do or make something for yourself, family members and friends to bring smile to their face. I found one recipe online, it’s Russian Beet Root Soup . I was very amazed by this Russian lady , she is excellent home chief as per me.Continue reading “Weekend ~Russian Beet Root Soup”

~Feminine Beauty~

Walking down the street today, how fair and beauty matches, one female say another i am prettier than you. I was walking pass by i pulse pounded in my throat, i shall trope the “words beauty” to these females never compare as every female in the world carry their own beauty. The beauty of femaleContinue reading “~Feminine Beauty~”

Beautiful Full Moon Light

In full height you are shining very bright Looking down from the hillside toward the road where the light of a lantern looks very dim in front of full moon tonight. Everywhere it look like a chapel tonight. Today is full moon night. Picture – Full Moon in Philippines tonight -SK Sandhu ✍🏻 Copyright@sk8sandhu

~Our World Children~

Sorrow and pain through your smile can be seen. You are precious as i say to you that is real. Being bold walk the path alone seeking for stability that i found in you, Child never despair we are one big family as we hold each other hand coming out from dark to light withContinue reading “~Our World Children~”

~My Words~

My words are reality of somebody’s mind Never i glance off the words written by you, I am little female who just whispers the truth, Knowing truth cause huge damage yet not Denying, it can assure of the rescue too. Words are those i speak cut off the throat of lies I am little femaleContinue reading “~My Words~”

~Ocean and Me~

Today , i just want to flow in the sea where there is only me , seeking for calmness and peace within me. With the fishes swimming pass by me i relax my mind and become carefree. Love with the ocean make me recreate life with nature’s passion. – SK Sandhu✍🏻 Copyright @SK8sandhu

~Mischievous Minds~

Indulging in the conspiracy having a thought you are conspicuous about your plans, taking wrong decision can lead to worst consequence. Which can bring huge damages you may not have been expecting it. Thank you – S K Sandhu Copyright @SK8Sandhu

~ Path Unseen~

I realised that no matter how much i might think i know the path i should take , only Lord knows the best journey for me. All i have to do keep all in his hand and trust him. My faith and courage under fire have been an inspiration to you and me. The darkeningContinue reading “~ Path Unseen~”

Endless life of nature

Law of nature Create by order and logic Why to bring limitations to others life, one cannot say how much it hurts . Deceptiveness is leading into unfold mystery of many life. Together we hold hand of each other let us bring light . Let us choose accordance with wisdom and walk the true pathContinue reading “Endless life of nature”

My beloved child~ Russian

O’ child, i hold your hand in my hand walk through the dark dim light and bring Light to your life. Share part of me with you, I will be delightful with joy. Holding you close to my heart as you are my dearest child. Wiping your tears, healing your wounds Sharing my love withContinue reading “My beloved child~ Russian”

The White Flower Blossom

She fell so naturally into my arms like a flower to the sun, I hold you so deep in my heart. I sit down on the ground touching it’s roots My heart murmurs saying the beauty, purity and new beginning starts with you every day. You are like a lunar moon of goddess spreading itsContinue reading “The White Flower Blossom”

~Pink Flower Beauty~

Hope is a thing with wings, That Open my heart and heal the soul, It sings the song without words and never stops at all. Where it sit there embrace beauty of rose, even heaven exposes god’s fragrant is rose. – SK Sandhu copyright @sk8sandhu

Hypothyroidism for Elderly – Male or Females

Today i will be discussing about a very common disease which is found in all males and females a sense of indignation, a young people will peacefully fall asleep in an armchair while elderly will look around hours together to fall asleep. Due reason is the functioning of thyroid imbalance as per age and nutrients.Continue reading “Hypothyroidism for Elderly – Male or Females”

Onion benefits to health

Onion which is found in every kichen Organic purple onion is more sustainable and healther as it produce more nutrients.  Many people having a misconcept about onion is inconsequential edible food whereas it is having huge benefits for our health. Onion can protect one from head, neck and colon cancers. Protect from Osteroporosis and AtherosclerosisContinue reading “Onion benefits to health”

Floral Bath Salt- Relaxing

Rose Salt Bath Relaxing   Busy life working in office week days, body full of stress unable to relax . Weekend is a great moment for rejuvenate your body and uplift your spirits. A relaxing blend to calm your neves and soothe sore muscles. A great way to detox and raise your magnesium levels, whichContinue reading “Floral Bath Salt- Relaxing”

Purple Flowers Beauty 🇭🇰

The Beauty of Purple Flowers You are part of me, even we are far, I holding you tight that is my wish tonight, Yesterday is gone, while today’s petal unflur, You bring Gratification to my heart, I am fortunate , as we are never apart. We are together forever and ever, “As our creator isContinue reading “Purple Flowers Beauty 🇭🇰”

Air Pollution – Solution Health Tonic 

Three ingredients can change your health condition from worst to best for respiratory problem and asthmatic attacks patients. Our world presently facing a lot of issue ,one of it is air pollution , how toxin is the air we breath in every day , unknowingly many different types of particles we inhale but unable toContinue reading “Air Pollution – Solution Health Tonic “

Healthy Veggie & Fruits Juice – Anti Cancer

Prevent Cancer, Reduce Cholesterol, Improve Stomach Upset & Headache Today I will be sharing with you healthy vegetable and fruit juice recipes . The health benefits of green apples are helps to enhance the Immune System, Reduce the risk of diabetes, Reduce weight , Enhance respiratory function,brightens teeth & prevents tooth decay, prevent brain degenerativeContinue reading “Healthy Veggie & Fruits Juice – Anti Cancer”

Risk of Fluoride in products

Fluoride  Is An Inorganic Chemical. The systematic name fluoride, the vaild IUPAC name is determined according to the additive nomenclature which does not take the nature of bonding involved into account. Fluoride is also used non-systematically to describe compounds which release hydrogen fluoride upon acidification or a compound that otherwise incorporates fluorine in some form, suchContinue reading “Risk of Fluoride in products”

Wildlife in South Africa Safari Park 

South Africa beauty of wildlife reside in Safari ParkSummer hoildays ahead, it would be great fun to include wildlife in South Africa at the Safari Park for this summer vacation hoildays.  South africa is known as fifth largest game reserve , is ideal for those hoping to see the "Big  Five" without the Kruger crowds.Continue reading “Wildlife in South Africa Safari Park “

Ocean exploring in Palau

Mother Nature's Ture Mysteries People who love exploring ocean , Palau is the ocean where you find variety of ocean s different species, i am water lover myself who believes the beauty of earth lays in the ocean. Palau, have its 12,000 years history of jellyfish lake, there is no doubt about being able toContinue reading “Ocean exploring in Palau”

Ecuador Rainforest Bird

900 species of bird in Ecuador The Choco rainforest of north western Ecuador is found around 3 hours outside of the capital city, Quito.  It is recognised as one of the most bio- diverse areas on the planet, the forest is home for more than 900 bird species and 350 different varities of reptile, manyContinue reading “Ecuador Rainforest Bird”

Beauty of Nature 🌿

Dear friends, I am here sharing with you nature pictures, the beauty of sunshine which never ends, the love of it keep growing , the rays of it protect our soul and give strength to it . Thankful mother earth for it creationWritten by : K. S. Sandhu Have a fabulous day🌿 

Tomb of Jesus is Restored. 🙏Holy Land 🙏 〰 ✨ Jerusalem ✨

Originally posted on MercuryTwin:
Dear Friends, here are the few beautiful pictures of the Tomb of Jesus which was recently restored before earlier Easter. As Jerusalem called as Holy Land being most sacred place for the Christian Religious and Jesus followers world wide. The stories are in hundreds and my effort is just to share…