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Beauty Of A Mother

Good evening friends,

A mother who sacrifice everything for a child, without thinking what she will be getting in return, love of a mother is difficult to express in words, lifelong they work hard day and night , just to give the best to their children.

A little pain or injury to a child , mother’s heart palpitations will start, this happen automatically.

Parents will always worries for their children unseen path , prays to lord give best to their children.

We being a child having full responsibility of our words and actions towards our parents, holding their hand and walking is our right and respect for them, not an insult.

A mother who hold our hand teach us how to walk why we hesitate to hold them tight within our arms in their old age. They are our pride , with them our world is so beautiful.

Love mother always.

Thank you so much for sharing your precious time with me here!

Photograph of Canada .

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Weight Managing – Cucumber Juice

Good morning friends,

Today, my topic is about “Cucumber” alkaline food , which is having high nutrient and huge benefits to our body. Daily we consume different type of food,

Some people are suffering from hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism doctors will prescribe different diets for them.

Cucumber is such fabulous food which both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism can consume daily without having any side effectives.

It is low calories with a lot of vitamins and minerals , antioxidants, most important promotes Hydration, aid to weight loss, control blood sugar levels, regularity to bowel system, good for diabetes patients.

How to eat Cucumber to maintain good health:-

Drink lukewarm Cucumber Juice every morning it helps cleanse the body system, our body is having 80% water , daily we consume solid food to dilute it we need more of fibre food due to drinking water at times it never reach our blood cells, cucumber juice is one of best option make body alkaline and promote hydration.

Honestly weight management is done according to your height examples:-

πŸ€—I am 5.5 feet tall only my weight is 62 kgs at times i was 61.2kgs too.

I never gain weight as i intake more fibre food , it is better of health.

🌷Incase you are eating wheat and rice daily ,start your with cucumber juice it helps to break down gallbladders stones .

*If you have no sodium problem , i advise you to add radish 1/2 to one full cucumber-3 people can drink.

Stay Healthy and Happy Always.

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A Love Without A Purpose

Good Morning friends,

A love without a purpose , i got from one beautiful mammals “Elephants.”

This happened when i visited India first time, standing in a big crowded place , unnoticed what was happening in the surrounding , busy exploring simplicity of the people and the food.

There came an elephants paving a way for himself through the crowd , placing his trunk on my head, i was astonished for a moment because i live in a city, where we had never seen and experienced these types things in life.

I turn back looked while being amused smiling , got so excited something new for me , started to touch them softly, they nod their head , i given them banana to eat , i found them very close to me, finally i hug them.

I was there for few weeks, every day they come to me , placing their trunk on my head and happily go to other place.

I got so attached to them, before i sleep i packed their fruits next my bed , reminding myself there is someone waiting for me.

The day came when i have quit the place, as usual feed them but i saw tears in their eyes dropping, i got emotional, i don’t know how they get to know i was leaving them all, i hugged them very tight realise the pure love and care they given to me in this life.

Mammals do have sense, feeling the love without a purpose , which i got for them.

Today it is my ever lasting memory of life, whenever i get stress up , i remember them, that bring happiness to me.❀️

Love is Pure which is Unseen πŸ’ž

πŸ’žLove All Mammals , Protect themπŸ’žThey are our part of WorldπŸ’ž.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog everyday, have a wonderful day

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Happy Birthday To My Beloved Father Today

Good afternoon to all,

Today is my father’s birthday , 07 January , he is the best father , who hold my hand and make me a good human being, even he is not there with me today , his memories last forever with me.

We are here to remember even they left us, everlasting.

Thank you so much to all my friends who lighted candles in my father’ s name today.

Best regards,

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Russian Carrot,Green Apple and Walnut Salad

Good evening to all.

I hope everyone is having wonderful evening ,today i will be sharing with you simple and easy ” Russian Carrot, Green Apple And Walnut Salad”, a side dish for lunch or dinner, healthy food .

Ingredients:- Serving 2-3 people

1 carrot:- Fibre

1 Green Apple:- Reduce gastric

Walnuts:- Boost Memory

1/2 Fresh Lemon:- Alkaline

Salt:- Sodium

1 tbsp Honey:- for taste

Parsley :- Diuretic.

I eat a-lot of parsley so add more to itπŸ˜€.

Please soak and clean them with arrowroot powder.

Mix in the salad bowl all ingredients,

Carrot,Green Apple, Walnuts, Salt, Honey, squeezes 1/2 lemon to it.

Once in a week is all fine .

This dish is not for diabetes people”.

Sharing my evening dinner with you all, have a wonderful evening.

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