Ovaries Cancer – Toddler

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A toddler diagnoses with ovarian cancer, it is very much alarming case for our society in general, this case is happened in untied states where all facilities are available for children.

How about developing country, where slums are covering various part of the city and country , it is never developed, those unknown and unfolded Cases are many but never presented to our world.

Those rural area, parents even does not have any knowledge what is cause of cancer, what are the symptoms of cancer , how and where to get the treatment of cancer, incase they are aware about the treatment, i am very sure they cannot afford it for sure.

Ovarian cancer patients many undergo chemotherapy treatment, it is very costly , not every family member can affords it.

Parents who are working on fixed monthly salary, low family budget unable to do treatment for their child.

Here i would like to says, such happen can appear in anyone’s home, please do help the toddler’s family to over come this hard moment of life. Reality Parents have no choice have to raise funds for a child treatment.

Child from United State of America- Cancer

For me every child is same , they are innocent , we being elders must love them truly. I pray to lord , god bless her always and stay healthy forever.

Important Note:-

People who are suffering from cancer , please never eat tin products, white breads, white sugar, burgers, some patients cannot eat dairy products, eat more of veggie add beetroot recipes in your main meals as beetroot help cancer curing , stop the development cancerous cells inside our body.

Child healing process:-

This child need to drink more of nuts milk (almonds, walnuts, pecans) it is healthy diet of any child or any adult.

Beauty products:-

πŸ’β€β™€οΈNot to touch “make up” or rather to say “beauty products” as cancer patients are very sensitive, unfortunately make up sets and beauty products added with chemicals causes more damages to your health. Those chemicals touch your skin causes liver damages , hard for recovery.

πŸ‘‰Please take my advise stop this make up product in case you are suffering for any liver problem, cancer symptoms, diabetes and others.

πŸ’žπŸ‡­πŸ‡°In fact , i never used make up on my face, life is much better. No skin diseases. (from childhood same)

🌷Everyday morning, i have homemade almonds or walnuts milk , make it myself , very healthy high energy booster.

❀️I maintain healthy fresh fruits and vegetables habits from childhood as health is everything for me.

Cow milk :- causes various diseases not consumable or edible for everyone.

πŸ€”Be alert what you are eating and feeding your own child. Tin products are not good for a child.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog, wish every one have healthy and happy life every day.

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A child like a flower, treasure what we have in our world.